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So I had a florist booked and she bailed on me exactly a month to the day before my wedding. I'm getting married July 19th in the Seattle, WA area. All I'm wanting are gerbera daisy bouquets and centerpieces. Our wedding is going to be the rustic theme with mason jar centerpieces, etc. Does anyone have any advise on where to buy gerbera daisies in bulk?


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    I know a lot of people on here have had success ordering from Sam's Club or Costco for bulk flowers.

    You can get an assorted mix if you don't care about what colors you get or you can get one type of color.

    If you are getting married on a Saturday, then you will want to get the flowers delivered on either a Wednesday or Thursday (I suggest Wednesday).  This will give you a chance to process them, meaning cutting the stems at an angle and hydrating them in cool water.  Also with gerbers you will want to buy thin-medium thick wire and wire them from the head down the stem.  Basically you stick the one end of the wire into the head of the flower from underneath and then softly twirl the wire around the stem.  This will help support the head of the flower and prevent the heads from drooping.  Then you will have Thursday and Friday to put together your centerpieces and bouquets. Good luck!

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