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4 Months!!!!!

Only 4 months left for us 10.11.14 brides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Re: 4 Months!!!!!

  • Yippeee!!! That's me!
  • beachyone15beachyone15 TEXAS (the home of my exes) member
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    So much left to do!!

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  • Yay! I actually feel comfortable with where I am in the planning. Only have a few more things to get and then a bit of crafting/finishing touches to do once we are a bit closer. I am so excited!
  • BlergbotBlergbot An enchanted land member
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    Yay! Or maybe...GULP! (the planning part, not the marrying FI part :)
  • Yikes! Make it be here already so that its over-with!!! I can't wait to marry my fianceeeee. 

    Also about a week ago I felt like I was really on top of my wedding planing game, and now I feel like we are slowly starting to fall behind. Not excited/but excited about these next four months being crunch time!

  • I feel like I am so very far behind and am running out of time to get everything done!! YIKES!!

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