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Trouble Concentrating

so we're mostly at the 4 month mark now... 3 months 3 weeks and 2 days for me...I cannot wait.  This winter/early spring I had a wedding hiatus, everything major was done and that just left the little stuff.  Well now I'm into planning again-- and I'm working on all the little DIY projects and small details.  I'm finding it super hard to concentrate at work, all I want to do is wedding stuff!!! LOL.  I figured may you guys would be able to sympathize with me.  
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Re: Trouble Concentrating

  • I can totally relate.  I find it hard not to do insane amounts of google searches for stuff that I may or may not do...just to see what's out there...during working hours.  I like Pinterest occasionally for ideas but I hate how some links don't go anywhere so if you like something and want more info you don't get anywhere with it.  Today especially...there are very few co-workers here today, so I'm not in work mode anyway. 
  • I'm also finding it difficult to give work my 100% attention. For me it's a bit different probably, because I'm a nanny, and I'm really close with the family I work for. For Xmas, they gave me an iPad and said it should come in handy for wedding planning, so I've been on it all the time!! My "boss" is extremely understanding, but I still need to take my job very seriously.
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    I hear ya on this one! I just got back into plannin andit is all I can think about. My problem is, I don't really have anything that I can work on until we get closer (i.e. invites), so I am just counting days now.
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  • I agree completely! It is impossible for me to focus these days.
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  • Just imagine how bad it's going to be with only a couple of weeks left! I'm glad I have such a short engagement...not too good with waiting for things...especially exciting things.
  • I'm in the same boat as all of you. I got wedding brain. 

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