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combine bachelor/bachelorette parties...

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So my FI and I were thinking about it and we were kind of wanting to combine our bachelor/bachelorette parties. We have so many mutual friends and we want to celebrate with all of them together. Has anyone else done this? We were thinking about getting a cabin and all of our friends go up and have a good time.

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  • Yep, we did this because we have a bunch of mutual friends. It was really fun!
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    Sounds great!
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  • Could be fun! Could also be a bummer. You shouldn't be planning your own bachelor/bachelorette parties anyway, but if you have friends that ask to throw you a party and you want to float them the idea of a joint party, that's the way to do it. Just be mindful that maybe some of your friends don't necessarily want to have a party with people they don't know, and vice versa for your fiance's friends. Obviously, this is a bridge you can cross if/when your friends raise the issue of throwing you guys a party. Best of luck!
  • They are the ones planning it they were just getting our input one what we wanted. All of our friends who would be invited except a maybe 2 are mutual friends. Also their SOs will be invited as well so that won't clash with anything. We just told my MOH and his BM that we wanted a combined parties. We were mostly wanting to see if anyone else had done this.
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