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I just had my bridal shower this weekend. What is the etiquette around the timing of sending Thank You's notes? I know the thank you's for the wedding should be sent within the year (though obviously we'd be sending them shortly after returning from our honeymoon), but what is best for bridal shower thank you's? 2 weeks? A month? 2 months? We want to get through them sooner rather than later, but with last minute wedding prep and my FI and I starting new jobs, it's a little hectic. We don't want anyone to side-eye us, though. Your suggestions would be super helpful :)

Thanks in advance!

Re: Bridal Shower Thank You's

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    Before the wedding occurs for sure. Preferable within 2 weeks of the shower, but definitely within a month. You have a year to give a wedding gift, not a year to write the thank you note :)
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  • Definitely send your Bridal Shower thank you notes BEFORE the wedding; within 2 weeks is preferable.  And, it would be quite rude to wait almost a year to send thank yous from your wedding-tradition states that guests can send wedding gifts up to a year after the wedding, but thank you notes should always be sent promptly after receiving a gift.
  • I must have mixed up that timeline then. Will definitely be sending our shower thank you's ASAP and before the wedding. Thanks!
  • I had two showers, each was on a Monday. For the first, I got them in the mail Wednesday and they were mostly all delivered Friday. For the second (which was OOT for me), I had them in the mail the following Monday. I have received many comments/compliments on how quickly they got them, so people really do notice the promptness and quality of a nice thank you note! My hope is to have wedding thank you's done within a month of the wedding, if not sooner.
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    Two to four weeks for the shower gifts. You should write the wedding gift thank you notes as each gift arrives and mail them immediately. There's no need to hold them up until after the wedding.
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    Related question ladies -- what is the protocol for shower gifts received in advance of the shower?  

    My shower is out of state, and a few people have already had things sent to our home.  I talked to FMIL, who is co-hosting the shower with my FSIL, and it sounds like they are people who are planning to attend but didn't want to make us travel with the gifts -- super considerate and definitely appreciated!  Do I send out TYs immediately or wait until after the shower (which is in 2 weeks)?

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    You should send the thank you notes as soon as you open the gifts. 
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