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Long curly hairstyle

I really want to wear my hair down with curls...outside, on the ocean. Im wondering if this is a disaster waiting to happen, but I dont really like wearing my hair up, its so not me. Anyone have any advice? Did you wear your hair down, and did the heat and humidity ruin it? Or did it last all night, and you loved it?

Re: Long curly hairstyle

  • For my photos, it was VERY windy.  I was very grateful that my hair was pulled back because of this.  However, my hair doesn't hold curls very well, so if you think this won't be an issue do what YOU want!  :)
  • Is your hair naturally curly or does it hold curl well? If so this may be a possibility beaches get really windy.
  • No its not normally curly. I just hate wearing my hair up. Hoping for a styling miracle!
  • I would recommend a half up hair style with a few tendrils on the side. That way you won't have hair entirely on your face if you consider having it all down. There are so many ways to do it. Check pinterest. Honestly I'm a hairstylist for weddings and it really depends on the product used to determine if the hairstyle will last. Hope that helps.
  • I was recently a bridesmaid at an outdoor wedding in the mountains.  My hair stylist curled my long hair in large curls (and then brushed so they weren't quite ringlets) and then pinned the upper part loosely back on either side of my face.  She then used quite a bit of hair spray to keep things in place.  It was windy during the ceremony but mostly the curls just blew on and off my shoulders and I never had any hair in my face.  The hair held up very well through dancing and when I took the pins out before I went to sleep, I ended up with very sexy loose curls around my face.  I was pleased with the style and people at the wedding made very nice comments as well.  I think it would be a lovely look as a bride and there are many different ways you could do it half up or back and still keep the hair out of your face.  

    Also, if you aren't too traditional about which side the bride and groom stand on, you might be able to try facing into the wind to minimize hair in your face. 
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