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Ok brides to's dilemma in Lisaland lol.  

So I'm not getting married until next year, but I tend to go on these mini planning binges.  My biggest issue right now is this.  My dad passed away almost 3 years ago.  I have 2 brothers who have agreed to walk me down the aisle.  I'm not really one to follow tradition so I don't want to walk down the aisle to the typical wedding march or Pachelbel's Canon....

Since it would've been my father, should I walk down the aisle to something that reminds me of him....or since it's my brothers, a song that symbolizes us?  Or should it be a song that symbolizes the hubby to be and me?  

My dad and I had a super tight relationship.  I'm talking like besties! We had a strong bond over Mizzou football.  Anyway, he called me one night and he sounded choked up.  I was like what is wrong with you? He said he was watching Father of the Bride and it was the song "The Way You Look Tonight" and he just wanted to call and tell me he loved me.  How stinkin sweet! SOOOOO i was thinking either that song or "You'll Be in my Heart" by Phil Collins (yup the Tarzan song lol)  but I don't want to be bawling hysterically and look like a racoon by the time I get to the end of the aisle.  Lol.  

Suggestions welcome! Thank you in advance :) 

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    My two thoughts.  Are you marrying in a church that would have restrictions on music? If you are having musicians ask them for ideas.  Personally, I would save those songs for the reception.  Even if it isn't a special dance time, dance with your brothers to those two songs.

    I'm sorry you lost your father and there is really no wrong answer here.  Just my thoughts. 

  • Just my two cents...

    Since your brothers are walking you down the aisle, it would be nice to use a song that symbolizes your relationship with them (or even choosing something for your fiancé).  Like you said, you don't want to be bawling your eyes out the entire walk down the aisle ;)

    But those are great song choices! I totally agree with 6fsn.  I'm sure one, or both, of your brothers will dance with you, and it would be really sweet to use "The Way You Look Tonight" or "You'll Be in My Heart."

    Good luck!

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