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Hello fellow October brides!  We are getting married on October 17th and I can't believe it's so close!  I'm starting to plan my bridal luncheon and I really am clueless as to what is expected.  I was thinking of just having a nice girly lunch somewhere with my bridesmaids, moms, aunts, and nieces.  Am I on the right track?  What are y'all planning?  Should I sent out invitations? When should we have it?  Any opinions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    We held a bridal luncheon/brunch months before the wedding as just a get together for the bridesmaids, our mom, and my sister's FSMIL and FMIL. I guess you're talking about having something pre-wedding? You'll have a lot going on the week of the wedding. Maybe you'll find it easier to do something two weeks prior?

    For my sister's bridal brunch we sent out invitations (Etsy has tons of cute options!). We hosted white sangria, mimosas, wine, made cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad, toast, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit and we held it at my mom's house. Whatever you do, make sure that you are hosting this. Don't have a luncheon and expect your bridesmaids to pay their own way. You could always do high tea at a little teahouse if there is one local to you. Or do something in your own home (potentially more affordable than a restaurant).

  • Should I feel obligated to host a luncheon? I have heard of this, but it wasn't until just now that I realized, maybe I'm expected to do it!?!
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    @hkda2003‌ Don't feel obligated. I'm probably not having one. Some brides use them as an opportunity to give their bridesmaids their gifts, or as just a get together sort of thing. They are not expected or required!

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    I'm not having a luncheon. I took the ladies to lunch after bridesmaid dress shopping and I'll give them their bridesmaid/thank you presents at rehearsal dinner
  • I didn't know I was expected to have one until my FMIL offered to help cover the cost of it.  I wasn't sure at first, but now I think it will be a fun girly thing for us to do before the wedding.  We are doing it the day before the rehearsal dinner.  I'm hoping I won't regret doing it the week of!
  • I just had a bridal luncheon and it was a great way for all of us to stay organized. I brought my planner and we set out the dates for the bridal showers and when invitations would need to be ready to send out. We had wine and finger foods. We will most likely get together a few more times because of course I forgot to mention a few things that were on my list!
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