Number of Flowers for bouquets?

Hello, I have a question on my flowers - I know what I want. For my bridesmaids / maid of honor - I would like their bouquets done with carnations (blue & pink as those are our colors) with a calla lily in the center and for mine I would like roses with calla lily's (I want 3 callas (I know) cause we want one to represent him, one to represent myself and a white one in the very center). My question is how many carnations should I use for my girls & how many roses should I use for mine? I have my aunt doing our flowers, I'm trying to get quotes on flowers & need the number of each flower. PLEASE HELP.


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    I would go to a local grocery store and grab a bundle and hold them together (to see what it'll look like with 10 flowers, vs 20 flowers, etc.)

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