A Vintage Inspired Three Piece Suit for my Groom!

I'm looking to rent (hopefully) a three piece suit for my guys for the wedding. I want something very dapper-dandy-esque with a vintage feeling (think 40's...o'brother...mumford and sons..etc. lol). Perhaps in a tweed type of fabric. Men's Wearhouse had nothing in that vein for a rental and I just don't want my groomsmen to have to buy a really expensive suit. Does anyone know anywhere that would rent something like this? I could possibly get them to buy the pieces if they are affordable, and was thinking about maybe having the groomsmen in vests only or suspenders only and the groom have a vest and jacket. I need help! Any advice is appreciated!

Re: A Vintage Inspired Three Piece Suit for my Groom!

  • My understanding about rental stuff is that it has to be able to undergo repeated use and cleaning and still stay new-looking. I think that rules our tweed or delicate fabrics like true linen.

    The large chain stores don't have a big range of offerings, I found out. I suggest calling the non-chain places to see if they have any ideas. Only they would have the flexibility to special order something for you. Men's wearhouse-type chains (for instance) can only deal in MW products.

    There's one place on the South side (name escapes me now) and two places I know of on the North side - King Tux Rentals in Kennesaw and Tuxedo Wearhouse in Cumming.

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