Freaking out a little about the dress

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I'm already plus size (24-26) and I'm pregnant (about 15 weeks). I'm due Mid December and wedding is May 3rd. I know that is a reasonable amount of time between baby and wedding, but realistically my body will change greatly the 2 months following having the baby. At least that is how it was with my last child. I really really really want to go shopping now before I get too big but I know it could either not fit or look awful by May. I'm also really worried that I won't find anything between february and april and end up settling on something I don't love! Plus I'd still need time to get alterations! What would you do?

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Re: Freaking out a little about the dress

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    That's a tough call.  I'd probably go now but look for something with a corset back that can help shape your figure and I'd probably stick to more of the A-line or Ballgown instead of the 'fitted' style dresses.  Let your consultant know, they should be able to guide you to dresses that are more universally flattering. 

    With waiting, you will be limiting your selection to sample/off the rack gowns. 

  • That's a tough situation. Do you know if there are many bridal stores in your area that carry plus sizes? If plus size dresses aren't hard to come by I your area, I'd probably wait until the beginning of the year and buy a sample. I bought my dress (which was a sample) right after Xmas - the store had a ton of samples on discount because new lines would be coming out soon. If it's hard to find plus sizes, I'd probably shop now and look for something very flow and not at all form fitting. I'd probably consider ordering a couple sizes bigger just to be safe. That would probably give you the most wiggle room since you aren't sure what your body is going to be like closer to the wedding.
  • Don't fear!  I got engaged in Dec. 2012 and married in June 2013, so I was in almost your same timeframe for finding a dress (if you wait until after you give birth).  I wore a street size 18 dress though, oddly enough, at David's Bridal I was a perfect fit for their 14s.

    I didn't even start shopping for a dress until February.

    Do some recon now to get a feel for who carries your size and which styles you like best.  To parrot a little what Ven&Radio said...if you do have a hard time finding stores/styles with dresses you like, you may want to buy now instead of later.  However, if there is a lot of variety out there for you, I'd wait until after you have given birth and lose some of the baby weight...that is what it sounds like you want to do, not something I am saying :)...and then start shopping to buy.

    I know with David's Bridal, you can order just about any of their dresses online in whatever size it comes in and it is delivered in about 10-14 business days.  For some reason, if one of their stores orders a dress, it can take a few months.      

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  • call around and see who has plus size gowns, but be specific in what sizes you need to try on. a few places i called told me they had plus size but to them 14s 16s and 18s were big sizes

    two places local to me advertised that they specialized in plus one place had hardly anything to try on and the dresses were mixed in the racks and they were not seperated by sizes.

    the second place where i got my gown they really had a huge assortment of larger plus size gowns. i tried on so many i lost count
  • If you are anywhere near the DC area, I'd recommend a store like Curvy Girls Bridal in VA.  I think there's a similar place in MD as well.  They had a big selection of samples in 22s, 24s, and 26s, so I could actually get a sense of how they fit.  They carry dresses in a fairly large range of prices, but most are under $3k.  I tried on some lacy Pronovias dresses that were gorgeous! 

    Their samples were in good shape, so I'd recommend calling them to see how often they hold sample sales or let customers buy off the rack.  Good luck!
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