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When should STD's go out? On my checklist it said 6 months prior but is that too late or right on time?

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    6-5 months out is pretty standard, I believe. Unless its a destination wedding or you have international guests (not just guests on the other side of the country) should it go out 12-10 months out. I just started working on mine right now (DIY and I have a busy summer) and going to get them out in late Aug/earlySept. A friend of mine said she got one a few weeks ago for the same date as my wedding...she thought it was a little insane for 9 months in advance. 


  • Ok I wanted to send them out no later than Sept. Our engagement pictures were postponed due to the rain which is putting me behind so I started stressing. Thanks
  • Just replied on this in another thread.. We sent ours at 9 months because 90% of our guests are OOT and with a wedding in Vegas (where we live) during Spring Break, flights are pricey so we wanted to make sure our guests had enough notice. But generally 6-8 months is "the norm".
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  • We sent ours out 11 months ahead, but we are having a DW

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