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Ceremony Music: With lyrics or instrumental?

For the ceremony music (processional/recessional, etc), do you prefer music with lyrics or without?  I have only been to weddings that have used instrumental only, so it never occurred to me to use the version with the actual lyrics.  Like I said, I have never experienced it so I am just curious of everyone's opinions on this.  Thank you!

Re: Ceremony Music: With lyrics or instrumental?

  • By the way, we are using a DJ for the music, not live musicians.
  • For the prelude selections of music that welcomes your guests, and is played before the start of the ceremony, with a DJ you can use pretty much anything.  All vocal, all instrumental, or a mix.  I attended a wedding once that the prelude was all Coldplay, and another was all Beatles love songs.  

    For the wedding party processional, and bridal processional, I am a fan of a walking tempo instrumental version .... that way, important lyrics and words don't get cut off when it's time for the ceremony to begin.  It's easier for your DJ to fade away at the perfect time if it's an instrumental.  

    For the recessional, anything you like, but lyrics are fun here as the entire song can and should play out.

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    I agree with DoneThat. I hate when lyrics get cut off!
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  • All of our music is contemporary and lyrical. We are getting married at a B&B and have a pretty good walk to the alter so there will be no cut off lyrics. Mom's have one song, the groom and groomsman have one song, then my bridesmaids and I all go down on one song.
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