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Nevada-Las Vegas

July Weddings

I am considering a wedding in the month of July....exactly how HOT is Vegas in July??? I have read temperatures are typically 106 plus. Any July brides out there...how was your experience with the weather????

Re: July Weddings

  • I live in Vegas and yes it is HOT - no way around that. Currently sitting between 100-110 and getting hotter. I hope brides who have been married here in July will chime in. Of course a lot depends on where you want to get married and what all you have in mind. Indoors? No problem. Strip photo tour? Could be a little toasty. Outdoor ceremony in the afternoon? Probably not. I'm sure you could make it work if July is the time frame you're eyeing :)
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    We are getting married in July, so it hasn't happened yet but we have both been to vegas in July and are prepared for the heat. We are having our wedding at aria and dinner at wicked spoon. Then we are having a party bus. That will take us to 1130ish.

    It's hot, and at night it's still really hot. So we don't really have any outdoor plans. We would like to stop at the vegas sign for a minute to get pictures but that's t outside. We love it though, it's a very dry heat not like the Midwest that is humid. It just different. Like tcnoble said, it depends on what you want to do
  • We are getting married 29th July at 3pm in the afternoon.....OUTSIDE! I will let you know how we go!!! What was I thinking?!!
  • I'm getting married July 21st and I'm from az so no big deal on the heat. Looking forward to chilling by a pool with my bride slaves. As for the ceremony and reception it's all inside and in the same hotel. I did this so at no point will anyone that wants to attend doesn't have to set foot outside other then to go to the airport. I am sure that they will venture outside but that's up to them. I'm still secretly hopeful that it will rain so that the clouds will cover up the sun and I can get some outdoor pictures. That's just my .02
  • We got married July 19th last year....outside at 7pm. It was about 104 the whole time but that night a huge storm came. It was thundering during the ceremony and then as soon as we got in the limo it dumped rain and was so windy the limo was rocking. It ended up flooding on the strip and even a place at TI had the roof fall in.
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  • @chyannek we flew in to Vegas last year on that date...my FI's plane literally almost crashed coming in it was awful! We are getting married July 20th we do have to go outside to get to the Chapel
  • @chyannek we are getting married July 19 of this year :)
  • Heck no...... Don't do any outdoor setting in the summer- it's so flippin hot!
  • Well ill be happy with some safe clouds to cover up the sun. I don't need the entire show. Although????? Wouldn't it be awesome to dance in the rain on your wedding :D
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