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Is it to soon for a couple shower?

Hello all! And Congrats to those that are getting married soon! :) I apologize for my grammar and mistakes I may make while typing but I need to ask a question.. 

Im getting married this September and my MOH is throwing my fiance and I a couples shower this July.. I was curious is it to soon? or is that ok to have it? This will most likely be my only shower I'll be having since half my family aren't the type to throw a shower like this for me or us.. 

I read some where that it should be 3-6 weeke before the wedding so I got confused.. 

Any advice or opinions would be very helpful!

Have a great day! :)

Re: Is it to soon for a couple shower?

  • OH! and if anyone can please give me game advices and gifts to give too! :) 
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    My wedding date is 9/27 and im having one shower 8/6 and one 8/16.  So mine are about 6-7 weeks out.  I think its up to you, is a little early depending on when your getting married and when the shower is.
  • About 2-3 months before is the standard. Although, it ultimately depends on what is a good day/time/place for you, your friends and family.
  • My summer schedule is ridiculously busy. We are getting married Sept 6, and had a couples show May 31 and and I had a family shower June 6. So... I've already been showered if that helps! :)
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    My shower is July 26.  I'm very excited!  It was suppose to be a surprise, but I requested to know the date, so I could be dressed & ready.  Besides, whenever I'm with my one BM, she can't stop talking about it.  I already received one gift in the mail, very exciting!

    My question.... can we use the gifts after the shower, or do we have to wait until after the wedding?  I've heard you need to wait until after the wedding.  That will kill me, my shower is 2 months to the exact day before our wedding!  @Alikat9614, have you used any of your gifts yet?
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    Our couples shower is this coming weekend (7/12) for our September 6th wedding.  All the WR showers I have been to have always been 2-3 months before the wedding.
  • I'm getting married 9/19 and my shower is this weekend (wow so crazy to think!) 7/13.
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    My showers are 7/13 and 7/19; wedding is 9/13. All the showers I've been to were 2-3 months prior to the wedding. I would go nuts if I had a shower 3 weeks before the wedding; I'll be too busy with dress fittings and final RSVP tracking down and favor-assembly by then!

    @HH2Be this is kind of personal preference. Technically, you aren't supposed to use gifts until after the wedding because (heaven forbid) if the wedding doesn't happen, you have to give the gifts back. We've gotten a few gifts already and put them away in the basement for now, although that's partially because we don't have a heck of a lot of room to store them where they belong. My dad gave us a knife set and made it pretty clear that he expected us to use them so we are. It's up to you. If you do use something and the wedding doesn't happen, though, you'll need to pay the giver back.

    @rockieee did your MOH ask for input into the games and favors? If not, you should really be hands-off with the planning. If guests know you helped to plan any part of it, it comes off as very rude. FWIW though, I prefer word games that people can fill out at their table while they eat - word scrambles, crossword puzzles, etc, or the ones where guests pick which member of the couple matches which statement. I hate the ones like "who knows the bride the best" where you have to list a shoe size or favorite TV show or whatever, with so many possible answers it's really hard to get anything right and people get frustrated. 50/50 chance is much better. And I HATE the "make a wedding dress out of toilet paper" game. Ugh. Tacky.

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    We are getting married 9/27 and I just had my shower last weekend. It was the only time my MOH could do it before she moved. So you should be fine.

    As for gifts, I'm assuming you mean a hostess gift? I gave each of the hostesses something they would like (I spent the same amount of money on each). I just shopped like it was their birthday. And I wrote each of them a long and thought out thank you letter.

  • @HH2Be Sort of? At our couples shower, almost no one bought things off of our registry. Everyone asked us in the months after we got engaged where we were registered, so we went ahead and registered at kohls and amazon. Ugh. Lol. But, yes, we have used quite a few of our gifts. FI and I bought a house together last December, so we are pretty confident that the wedding will happen! Our friends and family ask about them and expected us to use things.
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    @lolo883, thanks for the feedback!  I have all the space ready to fill with our gifts.  Just waiting to get them!  I am a teacher, so was planning to use my time off to unpack everything, clean & put away, file user manuals etc.  And of course do my thank you notes!  We are getting married 3 weeks into my new school year.. so if I don't do it while I have the time, the stuff will just sit until Christmas break!

    @Alikat9614, I'm in a very similar boat to you.  FI & I bought our house the end of last summer.  I was telling people who voiced opinions we were house hunting before an engagement, that a 30 year commitment on a mortgage was a pretty solid "we're in this for life" commitment.  We actually got engaged our first night in the house.   As we were settling in, I started our registry online as we realized what we needed.  It came in handy because some friends have already bought us housewarming gifts off our registry, which I didn't even think twice about opening, cleaning & putting to use.  At this point, I've gotten 2 shower gifts... mom just came with our new bed set today!  

    Guess I'll make my own judgment on the items....
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