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August 2014 Weddings

August 16, 2014!!!

I got engaged less than a month ago and started planning right away.... but found it very difficult to find a venue for next year!  The first few I heard back from were 100% booked every single Saturday in 2014 (what?!).  My first choice was to get married in September, but we found a venue we really like, and the only dates they had available were in August, so August 16th it is!

The venue is super flexible and we can basically bring whatever food, alcohol, decorations we want, so that is exciting!  Lots of opportunities.  It's all outside on a big wooded property, with an air conditioned tent and the nicest porta-potties I have ever seen (seriously!)  

Did anyone else have a hard time finding a venue? 

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Re: August 16, 2014!!!

  • Im august 16th of this year! Its a friday though(: Good luck planning
  • August 16, 2014 is my wedding date too! :) 
  • We just set our date for august 16, 2014 as well. Our venue lets you do pretty much whatever you want as well. 8AM-12 midnight. any food, any drinks, a/c barn with hard wood dance floor. all wood tables and chairs, etc. I cant wait!
  • Yay!  That's awesome how much time you have to decorate and everything.  We will only have the place for 8 hours total, which leaves less than 2 hours to decorate... Hope that's enough time!  We can always pay for more time and have it for 12 hours instead, but I'm on a budget and would strongly prefer not to!

    I love the flexibility of bringing whatever food and drinks we want!  I'm looking into having a local restaurant cater, my friend (a baker) is making my cake, and my fiance is already looking into all the different craft beers he wants to have.  

    What else have you done so far?  I haven't secured anything but the venue.  Waiting until November to start looking at dresses but I'm anxious already!

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  • I didn't have too much trouble finding my venue, but I also started looking in Janurary.  Since then I have boooked all the major players (they go fast!)  So DJ, Caterer, Photographer, Florist, Officiant and I already found/bought my dress!!!  I just wanted to be able to relax during the summer and then kick back into high gear come October with Stationary (mostly planned but still tweaking) and all the "Little" Things!   Cheers and 8.16.2014 is my date too!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KRD2014KRD2014 member
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    ours is 8.16.14 also :) we had no trouble in finding our venue based on date... we just had a hard time finding the right one for the type of wedding we want! finally scored ... mountain venue, all outdoors, rustic country, bbq picnic reception. best wishes to you!

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  • KRD2014 said:

    ours is 8.16.14 also :) we had no trouble in finding our venue based on date... we just had a hard time finding the right one for the type of wedding we want! finally scored ... mountain venue, all outdoors, rustic country, bbq picnic reception. best wishes to you!

    That sounds lovely...wish I could go but you know my wedding is the same day :/
  • Our date too! It was starting to book really fast. We are doing ours at a golf club here in BC, Canada. Ceremony at 3pm, then the guests go to a winery down the road for a tasting while we do our photos and then back to the golf club for the reception! 
  • kaccjskaccjs member
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    Our date too!!  Booked our church and reception early, just booked our photographer.   Hopefully DJ and florist in the next couple weeks.  Trying to get a  lot done before the holidays!
  • August 16, 2014 is my wedding date as well! My fiance and I got engaged on November 3. We originally decided that we were shooting for September-Octoberish but after seeing that a ton of receptions and churches were booked during that time we decided for August.  Hey, at least we get to get married faster right? :) 
  •  My date too!
  • That's my date too!
  • August 16th is our date too!!!! We have our venue, photographer, videographer, wedding cake, florist, hair stylist, make-up artist, wedding favors and my dress. We just need a day of coordinator, officiant, wedding bands and we need to make a final a decision on our stationary. I hope all of you have the wedding of your dreams. Best wishes!!!!
  • Our wedding date too! (Even though we wanted september). I actually just got home from dress shopping. Fell in love and ordered that sucker right up. Other than that we just have a bunch of lines in the water.. I think subconsciencely I'm freaking out about the time crunch. Lol but oh well, I refuse to stress myself out. I'll let ya know how this works out for me! :p
  • We just chosen 8/16/14 as our date too. I'm waiting to hear back from the venue and hopefully it's not booked yet. It's considered off season here during the month of July and August.
  • August 16th here too! I have booked the venue, florist, videographer, photographer, DJ, church, honeymoon, dress, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dress and ring bearers suits. Oh and wedding bands.

    I need to book a cake tasting soon and we will go for a tux next month. I also need bridal party gifts. So far planning has been smooth because I started right away back in August 2013.
  • August 16th here! 40 more days ladies!! Anyone else ready for it to be here already?

    I am currently getting a lot of RSVP's back. We invited 325! I am beginning to create a rough draft of a seating chart. We're having our reception at the Marriott since my fiance and his family are from Cleveland, we are having a lot of out of town guests. So far things have been smooth sailing so far just trying to gather pieces together! I can't wait and I hope the weather is beautiful on our day!

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