Cute favor saying for pretzels?

My fiance and I are making chocolate-covered pretzel rods in our colors as our favors. Are there any cute thank-you sayings anyone knows of that are specific to pretzels/pretzel rods? I'd like to say something a little more creative than just a generic "thank you for coming!" sort of thing. Thank you!

Re: Cute favor saying for pretzels?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    We put "You're sweet to share our day" on our buckets of chocolate rocks. I can't think of anything for pretzels specifically; it might be easier to focus on the chocolate/sweet part. 
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    Not to sound snarky, but why is it, when it comes to weddings, everything must have a "cute saying"?

    Honestly, I think a "thanks for coming!" is good enough and gets your point across.

  • I'm with everyone above.  It's a pretzel.  Let them eat it and move on.  It doesn't need a poem.
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