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exciting!...and sorta pathetic :)

FI and I have finalised our guestlist and within 24 hours, I have all addresses in my excel spreadsheet :) now, to address the buggers...:(

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Re: exciting!...and sorta pathetic :)

  • It is exciting! My guest list is also sorted in an Excel, and I am so ready to send out invites so we can start widdling the list down to the 'official' count and work on tables! Of course, my guests will have until Sept 18 to get their RSVPs back, so it will be the waiting game! 
  • YAY! I was bored the other day and got all mine addressed.  
    Just have them sitting in a box ready to go the first week of August.
  • All of our guests that have permanent addresses (not in apartments or living at home) and those who are married/engaged/long term relationships have been addressed and set to go. For those who are not in a permanent residence (have a high likelihood of changing their address) or those who are not in a relationship and are getting a plus one or those who are in a relationship but are kind of rocky, I am holding off on addressing to the last possible second. 
  • I've got all of my addresses updated in excel and ready to go. I just have to make the time to address them all.  When is everyone mailing out their invitations?  I'm getting married on Oct. 17th and was thinking I'd mail them the first week of August.  Does that seem like good timing?
  • I'm Oct. 18th and I'm mailing mine the first week of August too.

    My list was pretty easy because my mom has been using an excel spreadsheet for Christmas cards for years, so I copied and pasted most of those into a google doc and had my FMIL add in her side's addresses.  This was one thing I was happy to delegate.

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    We are doing labels, so everyone's label is typed up and available to change and they will just get printed out and slapped on and mailed
  • My date is Oct. 4 and I'm sending mine on August 1!

    I'm good to go!

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