Photo Locations in the Old Scottsdale Area

Does anybody have suggestions for photo locations? Thanks!

Re: Photo Locations in the Old Scottsdale Area

  • Yes. The park around City Hall has some fountains and ponds. There's also some cute old buildings, and a LOVE statue in front of the art museum. A 1/2 block or so from the park is a cute old-west style saloon called the Rusty Nail. There;s also several galleries close by that have statues outside, and there's a couple of hitching posts in the area.
      If you're looking for a more modern look, a few blocks north is the Paulo Sloeri Bridge, and there's a bridge across the canal that would make some nice pics too.
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    @zizibet- thank you! I am going to make a list to share with my photog

  • You're welcome!
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