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Nevada-Las Vegas


Has anyone had a recent experience of the DDB? I know @thesepinkdays‌ had a bad experience and I was wondering if anyone had used them more recently. I've got a faint hope that maybe some bad reviews would have prompted some better service but I'm not optimistic.
If not the DDB, then any other suggestions? It's for the evening before, a Wednesday. We want a sort of party atmosphere and love the idea of seeing the strip but we will have I think at least 30 people, maybe 40. Is that too much for a party bus?


  • I saw a review after mine and she said everything was great. So perhaps he figured out he couldn't be such an ass to people haha. I'm sure you will be fine. :-)
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  • We had a great experience with DDB. We also had reasonable expectations. We were married on a Saturday and reserved the DDB for 2 hours. We did not have a photographer, however, we did mount our go-pro on the front of the bus, so the whole trip was recorded. We had 1 stop, and we were off the bus for about 30 minutes.

    If your group is able to sit the entire ride, while the bus is moving, you won't have any issues. Also, realize how long you will have the bus, and plan your stop or stops accordingly.

  • I'd just like to add we indeed fallow all rules as far as staying seated for the ride my photographer stood at stop lights only. So it's not like we weren't fallowing rules.
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  • Yes we had a good experience just a week after @thesepinkdays - we also had Mike as our driver and he was friendly, courteous and very helpful. He laid out some pretty strict rules regarding not standing up (even at stop lights) which we all followed, and our photographer worked with him to pre-plan the stops we'd told him we wanted so that all went smoothly. He had to go off strip right at the end of the journey to ensure that we made it to our final stop in time, but that was because we spent so much time at Bellagio taking photos. 

    Like @LaurenGarciaKrueger ;We also clamped our go pro at the top of the stairs, pointing at our guests and have some great footage. Hubby has almost finished editing together all of our video and it all looks great. If you want to see the DDB footage (or the whole thing) inbox me and I'll send a link as soon as it is done!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
  • Sorry to hijack thread but I felt it would be silly to start a new one.I am considering this too but would have a max of 1 and a half hours. This is because our guests are coming from the east coast and I feel like if we make them wait until 7 pm (10p eastern time) to eat they'll be foaming at the mouth and hangry as hell!
    If you only had an hour and a half to do ddb, what TWO places would be best to stop for group pics? Our ceremony is at aria and reception will also be on the strip. Realistically we may only have time for one stop and is probably wanna go to the sign.
    Also, another option...should I move my aria ceremony from 4 to 2 to help avoid them starving?
  • Also...how long is the wait usually at the sign. This will be the Saturday after thanksgiving. Thanks!
  • I have a question for you ladies. What time are you all doing the DDB? I was thinking of using it as transportation from the ceremony to the reception, but, I'm not sure that everyone will want to be on the DDB in the sun in the afternoon in the middle of May.
  • We were married at 4pm on May 17th. The bus picked us up at 5:15. It was 101 degrees that day. Once we were on the bus and moving, everyone started to cool off. It was nice, actually. I was concerned that everyone was so hot, I wanted everyone to cool off, so I asked Mike to stop at the first, cool place so everyone could cool off, and gamble for about 30 minutes. The ride was nice. We toured the strip first, and the streets were crowed. The bus doesn't do any u-turns, so there was a short drive around the back side of the strip, so we could get back.
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