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Presentation of the Gifts-Too attention grabby?

So we are getting married Saturday (three days!) and we're planning on donating food to our church's food bank around the time of the wedding.  I had once heard it said that sometimes people will bring gifts of food up during the presentation of the gifts.  We'll be donating the food no matter what, so my questions are:

Is this liturgically correct?
Does this seem too "look at me"?  I normally really don't like calling attention to donations, but if it might help inspire other people to remember to give food you think that would happen at all?

I know I can double check with my priest/the coordinator, but my church is very large and understaffed, so I thought I'd try here first before bothering them.  Thanks:)

Re: Presentation of the Gifts-Too attention grabby?

  • I've seen this done at mass before, but I'm thinking it's a little too attention-grabby for a wedding.  It may come off as self-righteous or something.  

    I would probably not do it... but you could ask your priest's opinion.  Maybe he's seen it done before.  It is nice that you're donating to the church's food bank though :)

  • Thanks. We ended up not doing it (partially because of running out of time). They had our third gift bearer bring up the water, so all of them had something to carry.
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