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when did you know?

Can you tell I'm bored at work today... At what moment did you know you and FI or DH were meant to be?

Re: when did you know?

  • I knew about a year and a half in when I quit the best job I've had in Warren to move back to Lansing area so I could be able to see him everyday instead of just my days off.
  • My fiancé and I have been best friends for ten years! My mom used to say to me why don't you date david? And I always said ew, mom i could never date him, he's such an a$$! Then about two years ago I started getting feelings for him and one night when we were out I kissed him and we've been together since. I've known he was the one since we bought a house together a little over a year ago and we've been engaged since may. He knew I was the one a bit later than i did! :)
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