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Our wedding thing is dark enchanted forest. We are taking inspiration from: eleven, lord of the rings, Harry potter, corpse bride, woodland creatures, fairies, gnomes, princes, princesses, witches, Grimm fairy tales etc. in an effort to create our own fantasy. We are doing all of this while still trying to maintain A FEW traditional elements and not be TOO themed or costumey. It is a struggle. I will be wearing an ivory and champagne lace dress with Swarovski elements. It is traditional to an extent, but also very eleven and different. I will also be wearing an elven style forehead circlet. My bridesmaids will be wearing floor length chiffon a dresses, each in a different one of our wedding colors. They are very flown and woodland fairyesque, but in rich, dark colors. None of the girls will be wearing shoes, (just barefoot sandals) including me. Now begins my problems... Now that we're not wearing shoes, it seems weird for the guys to wear shoes.. WHAT can my groom and his groomsmen wear that is not too costumey, matches our theme, is casual enough to be barefoot, but formal enough to match the formality of our attire and the overall event? Please offer any advice, images or links that you can. I am losing my mind, and so are they lol THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS AND FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE!!!!!!


  • What about leather moccasins? Or knee high boots?

    What type of suit/tux/outfit are the guys wearing? For example, if they're doing a tunic-style shirt I would go with the knee high leather boots. If they're doing puffy pants, you could do the moccasins.If they're doing suit pants and vests, you could do sneakers or brown, leather, wing tip shoes. Or if everything is fairly casual, guys can go barefoot!

    My cousin's wife went barefoot and had a similar style, all the girls were barefoot but the guys wore dress slacks, vests & ties, and had tux shoes on.

    Hope this helps!
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