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Eloping in November

Need some advice. My fiancee and I have thrown the towel in on a traditional wedding - we have decided to go elope, JUST the 2 of us. Not even telling anyone our plans. We are really leaning forward Maui this November, but I'm starting to plan and the hours upon hours of travel time, trying to coordinate flights from Atlanta, has me a little discouraged.

I'd appreciate any suggestions of great elopement/honeymoon destinations that would be convenient from Atlanta and have good weather in November - also, we really want a mix of excursions as well as the relaxing spa/beach vibe... we're very active and don't want to sit around all day, so somewhere with great outdoor activities (hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, etc) will be ideal.


Re: Eloping in November

  • We decided to elope as well, just the two of us, and I am SO happy we did.  We decided to head to St. John.  It's really easy to get to from ATL (3 hours 20 minutes) and there are lots of fun things to do on the island.  We were recently married at Caneel Bay, and granted it's not spa vibe, it's one of the most relaxing resorts I've ever been to on earth.  Caneel has snorkeling, hiking trails, kayaking, the standing long board thing (sorry I have no idea what it's called), etc.  We rented a jeep and had fun exploring the island while we were there, took a boat to the British Virgin Islands, went on a sunset sail, etc.

    Are you set on November?  Typically, in the Virgin Islands, hurricane season runs through the end of November.  If you're willing to push back until December or January you'd be safe weather wise going somewhere on the east coast.  It's also really easy to get married there because it's a US territory so there's no crazy hoops you have to jump through.  Good luck!
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  • Mexico is great in November, very warm and just getting done with hurricane season. There are also many activities to do there! Depending on which part of mexico you visit...Cozumel has some of the best reefs for snorkeling/scuba diving. Cabo san lucas is amazing as well!

    We are getting married in Riveria Maya and there seems to be plenty to do there as well. Might be an idea? Good luck!!

  • We are getting married just the two of us at Sandals Grande Riviera May 15th 2015. I am convinced that destination weddings are the way to go!
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  • If you have your heart set on Maui, there are a couple of people I can recommend that can help.

    My wedding coordinator, Lori Lawrence (of Tropical Maui Weddings), has been great - and she definitely does coordination for elopements. She has a travel agent that she works with as well. 

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    Cozumel, Mexico. I just got married there in May, and there's a direct flight from Atlanta. :)

    ETA: But avoid it the weekend after Thanksgiving, there's an Ironman triathlon and the place is packed.


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