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Engaged while travelling

My fiance (eee! I have a fiance now!) just got engaged. In May we took 6 months off from work (ahem, quit) to travel around the world. His proposal, a total surprise, was arranged so that my friends from back home were here with us in Venezuela. Basically we're away from home and won't be back in the states until late November. I'm wondering how I'm supposed to go about announcing this from the jungle. I'm in a hotel for the night only, for the next two weeks we'll be making our way on the ground down to Brazil and then we'll be trekking across Patagonia with zero contact to home for 13+ days. 

He had already asked my parents for their blessing prior to us leaving on our trip and a friend had them on Facetime for the actual proposal. Should I just let my family and the handful of close friends who were present for the proposal spread the word? I'd then be sitting in the next airport (er, in Rio in about a month) to check the enormous amount of emails and texts with little time to properly reply - a reply that would again, be a month late. Phone calls would be difficult for the time reason also. It's a lot of people to inform, I'm very fortunuate to say.

We are not social media people - he has zero accounts and I have a FB and IG that are very rarely used but I do keep my friends list up to date because I use it as an easy to find address book. Waiting until November is not logical nor do I think my parents could manage that. I do feel bad that I can't tell my loved ones in person. So, should I let my parents and friends inform people or should I email the next time I have a couple of still days with reliable internet access - which will probably be early/mid September when we'll be in New Zealand for more r&r and less adventure. Thank you!

edit: Wasn't allowed to post this when I registered because I'm too new I think. My sister is posting it for me.

Re: Engaged while travelling

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains
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    Congratulations! I'd let your parents and close friends inform people - if you're traveling, your friends and family will understand that you're out of touch.
  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    I agree to let your parents and close friends handle it. Congrats and happy planning!
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  • thanks for the replies, i think most of us like that option too and we're emailing her to let her know because she kinda left it up to us if we wanted to or not while she's traveling. really happy for my little big sis :D

    -tinkalf's sister
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