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Tell Em Tuesday - It's Been a Minute

Ya'll ain't said it with your chest in a while.   You know you wanna free your spirit.   The caterer, photographer, cousin tee-tee nem, mama.  Lawd, but mama.   Groomy, c'mon n' let em have it.  Geaux.

here's mine:  
this morning?  zumba.  I show up (it's 5:43) there's nobody in the classroom, no instructor, music, nothin.   I ask a lady who happens to be standing just outside classroom doors lifting weights if she's waiting for zumba and she goes, if more people show up, sure.  I go inside the classroom to hang out for a minute or 2, stand near the glass in case the instructor happens by.     nada.   (it's 5:45)  I go back to the front desk and ask if zumba instructor is here.  guy goes, yeah she's here I saw her.  {shrug} fine.  Head back to the classroom.  still nothing.   I go back to the desk.   (it's 5:46)  I say lemme ask you a question, is there a minimum number of people you need to have a class or will you have it no matter what.  He said no matter what, here let me give you a ticket for class (according to the ticket it's now 5:47)  there's still nobody back there?  I go nope.  He goes I'm sure I saw her, sorry, gimme one sec.  He comes from behind the counter to go to the classroom (still empty) and points, smiles and goes, there! there she is right there.  Now I'm startled, because guess who it is?  Yup the heffa I'd asked if she was waiting for class to start.   Walked past her no less than 4 times.    Bum ass jersey gyms.  In nyc if a class is starting at 5:45, n****a have your ass ready to shake at 5:45!   See how I don't start off the morning being a bitch, it just develops?

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