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When to make cake plans?

My FMIL is making our cake. She has her own cake bakery and makes gorgeous, delicious cakes so I'm really lucky!! But since she's my FMIL and she's such an important part of the wedding, I really haven't given much thought at all to the cake plans. She knows the wedding date, so she won't book anything for that same weekend, but my question is when should I start sitting down with her to do the normal planning involved for cakes? I'm worried she won't say anything to me for fear that I'll be stressed or something, so I'll just keep on forgetting that although I don't have to pay for this detail, it isn't going to plan itself. My wedding is next April, what's a good timeline for nailing down these plans? Also she lives out of town (4 hours from me and FI) so we definitely can't wait until the last minute to plan because I feel like I'm going to be super busy those last few weeks.

Re: When to make cake plans?

  • When are you going to visit her next? Does she have a photo album of past jobs? If she does, plan your visit sooner then later so you can review her photo album to see if she has done something you like. You may need to combine the design of 2-3 cakes to get the final result you want. Also then if she hasn't done something you like already, it gives you time to search & send her photos asking if she can duplicate the look.  If you do it before the holidays, that is something that is off your list & you can relax.

  •  I agree, that I'd plan it for the next trip to visit her! Either that, or I'd find pictures online, of cakes you like, and e-mail her the list, then have a Skype date to hash out the plans! I don't think it's ever too early to decide what exactly you want. (Size/shape/detail/colour/flavour, etc). Once you have that figured out, maybe shoot her a txt, or e-mail, (however you communicate), and set up a date you can visit, or a time you can Skype. Set your plans as tentative, and at least that gives you a little window to possibly make minor changes, if you come up with something else. I definitely wouldn't make any more changes, and would make sure you have everything figured out, and decided on, by 6 weeks prior to your wedding. :)

  • Pick up the phone this afternoon and say "Hi FMIL!!!  I know this is your business, but wanted to first find out if you want to make our cake, and if so, know your timeline for all things cake and what the design parameters are for it because I'm super excited to have you make it!"  That's when...

    The thing is keep an open mind - she may not want to make the cake, so be sure to ASK if she was planning to make the cake or if she wants you to hire one of her "cake friends" to make it instead.  It also depends on what types of cake your FMIL makes and if it's your "style" or not.  I know we interviewed a number of bakers who wouldn't even attempt a cake in our style regardless of budget.  So find out what she wants to do, and go from there using HER business timeline if she is!

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