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Hey Ladies - So I'm in the "pre-engaged" state (hopefully engaged in the next few months if things go as discussed), and really love the Sofitel Water Tower.  What is the hotel like in terms of pricing?  I feel too paranoid to call and ask without having to sign up for a tour and do all the lengthy stuff with the hotel coordinators.

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    Just email them, or fill out an event proposal on the website if available. Just pick a date or date range (like season) number of guests and any other information required -- I am sure you already have some sort of idea what this would be.   Ask them to send you pricing information and they usually will.

    When I first started planning I emailed Trump knowing full well it'd be way above budget, but I was curious. They emailed me a PDF of their packages and pricing, they followed up with a phone call, just as a courtesy. Left one voicemail. That was that. 

    I am sure they get inquiries all the time and would be happy to be up front with pricing so  you don't waste their time and they don't waste yours.

    Trust me, when the real planning starts, you'll get very good at just asking for the information you need and letting people know you'll follow-up if you require more information.
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    I think you are putting the cart before the horse. Dont make any calls or plans until you are actually engaged. If you arent engaged, how do you how what your budget will be? Or your guest list? Wait until you have some basic details hashed out before you call so you dont waste anyones time.

    I used the Sofitel for one of our hotel blocks. I got ready in a suite there and had a morning after brunch there. If you are loooking for a bargin, this is not the right hotel.

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  • Thanks for the tip!  Honestly, we know most of the details, and my fiance-to-be is on board, so I don't feel too bad about asking them now.  Plus my BF is kind of last minute, and he refuses to accept the idea that it would be extremely difficult to plan a wedding in 3 months.
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    If memory serves, they have a $10K minimum for Saturdays.
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  •  I ended up emailing - it was about $170 pp, but this included a cocktail reception, 4 or 5 hr open bar, 3 course dinner, cake, and fees. 
  • My mother works there as an accountant, the 170/pp is only for food, not including chair covers, linens, centerpieces, or ceremony fees if you plan to have your ceremony there as well. They can be a little pricey depending on your guest count, and budget. Good luck
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