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WARNING!!!  We hired DJ John Padula for our ceremony & reception (August 2014). It is the only part of the planning process that has been difficult & our biggest regret. On a positive note, we are hoping to spare as many people as possible from encountering this situation or a situation like it.  I will keep this short for readability but be assured more details only make it worse. During our initial meeting John was upbeat, positive, and showed concern about a few bad reviews on-line.  He assured us they were from people who could simply never be pleased. There were even a few humorous stories. With a personal referral, we signed a contract. After giving him a deposit, he was only contacted once a few months later to ask if he had a microphone for our pastor during the ceremony (if not I was getting one through our big deal). Then 6 weeks before our wedding he e-mailed to cancel saying he was in a terrible car accident (broke both legs, his back, so on) and could not fulfill his obligation. We didn't fully understand...we were told if he could not attend his partner (Cathy) or one of the other 3 DJ's he works with would cover. Regardless, we wished him the best, offered to pick up our refund if it was easier, & prayed for his recovery. Through an exchange of e-mails it was evident that we were going to have a hard time getting our deposit back if at all. THEN...through a friend we learned that he was fine. With a bit of research I found that he had been to at least 2 weddings & DJing at bars in the 3 weeks he said he was in the hospital awaiting transfer to Health South in Harmarville. We went to a bar we found he was scheduled to play only to find him (& his partner Cathy) there with no visible injuries. He was standing, walking, etc. He promptly gave us our refund with no apology or remorse for his actions.  I truly believe we would not have received our deposit back if we did not catch him while he was in the middle of DJing in an establishment.  I have documented proof on hand to confirm the entire situation and would be happy to answer any questions.  PLEASE do not be his victim!!

The following alias' were discovered during our conversations & research: 
DJ John
Ivor Padula
DJ Cruize/DJ Cruise
Twist and Shout Entertainment
Dragon Karaoke and DJ services
Five Star Entertainment


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