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4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 1 - Caesars Hotel, Ri Ra Irish Pub

Hi Everyone!  Time to pay it forward.  Thank you to Vegas Groom and everyone who posts on this site.  It was so helpful over the past year, you don't even know.  Here we go...

Caesars Palace – So I purchased the Cleopatra package which came with a lot of different things and included a 2 day stay at Caesars (that is what got me sold).  I give Caesars Palace a solid A because of their customer service.  I was a bit disappointed to check in at 8pm on a Thursday night (it was the Thursday before Easter weekend) only to be told that they do not have any more double bed rooms available as I had requested and they would send a fold out bed to my room that was a little bigger than a twin.  I had my fiancé, mom, and 10 year old son with me and just wanted everyone to be comfortable.  The lady at check in was trying to make me feel better by upgrading me to a newer better king room in the Octavius Tower, but I was still disappointed.  Sleeping between my mom and my son was not the best situation.  Thank God accommodations got better after that first night.  The next day my son went to my dad’s room and my fiancé went to his brother’s room, so everyone was comfortable.  Other than that, Caesars was THE BEST!  I called the guest services line 50 billion times and they were still very friendly and very helpful EVERY TIME!  I loved it and would stay there again and again.  They’re just so nice! J

Ri Ra Irish Pub at The Shops at Mandalay – I give this place an A+ because they were great!  Customer service was off the chain!  The room we had reserved was so cute.  Food was good, drinks kept flowin, we had our own personal bar and bar tender who was so very nice and social and patient.  The staff was wonderful.  They even let us extend for another hour (originally it was from 5-7pm) with no problems.  Everyone had a great time there.  No complaints.

The two pics are at Ri Ra.

Re: 4/19/14 Wedding Reveiws Part 1 - Caesars Hotel, Ri Ra Irish Pub

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