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WARNING: Do NOT hire Blaser Photography

Paul Blaser from Balser Photography steals from his customers and performs sub-par work.

Paul Blaser  did our wedding photography in September of 2011.  It has been a year and a half since our wedding and we have not received our pre-paid album and had to wait over a year to receive the rest of what was in our contract. When we received a couple of prints, the quality were awful and we had to reorder from another vendor. Through a year of communication, Paul has continuously made excuses and played to our generousity and pity to delay sending our products (and I repeat-they were already paid for).

His excuse for not replying to our voice messages and emails was that he was never in his studio to receive them. As a consolation, he gave us his personal cell phone number..which he never answered. When we did have a chance to speak to him, his excuse was that he had heart surgery and complained about the toll this has taken on his business. After his pleas of giving him another chance (in his words: to save his business) we gave him THREE more changes and still have not received the album. We checked his background and found out that he has three outstanding small-claims judgments against him dating back to 2007 and has a dozen tax liens dating back from 2010 . This tells us that whether he had a heart condition or not, his tendency to steal from his customers and his financial troubles dates back to several years prior to our wedding.

In hindsight-we really should have done a background check before investing so much money into him.

Paul Blaser is a liar, a poor businessman, a sub-par photographer and cannot be trusted.

Re: WARNING: Do NOT hire Blaser Photography

  • I hired Beau at Bergmann law firm who successfully did my small claims! Email him at beaubergmannlawfirm.com he gives free initial consults! I hope you get your book!
  • I am sorry it has taken so long for you to receive your album. Paul is a very talented photographer/artist/creator.   He is a perfectionist and spends so much time designing each and every image.  He is telling you the truth about his heart condition, as he was hospitalized for a quad by pass surgery.  He also went through a divorce,which probably led to some of the financial issues. I hope you will be patient as I am sure your final product will be amazing. 
  • Our family has worked with Paul on several major family events and he has always shown the upmost level of professionalism. His images are outstanding and my only complaint is there are so many beautiful pictures I have the hardest time picking out just a few. I am sorry that you had a bad experience, however, like 42 Jane said, He had a very tough year, with a heart attack, major heart surgery. On top of all that, he went through a divorce around the same time, and was the primary caregiver for his three children. I will continue to use him and encourage everyone that asks about photographers to contact him.
  • I dunno the op has a point a year and half is beyond long enough for prints... At a year he should have sent her back her money if that was the case. Even if he did fall on hard times that's the risk you take in operating a business.
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