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Is it just me, or does anyone else really want to go shop for their dress either alone or with one close person? I have no desire to sit with 10 of my closest ladies and disagree on what looks good. I don't want a third and fourth opinion. Is this normal? Or am I just a grinch? Lol. I guess I just need some affirmation that it's okay if i don't take my mom dress shopping with me...

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  • Well I never wanted to go alone because I have a hard time making big decisions by myself.  Even though I may have loved my dress I needed someone there to tell me that "yes you are making the right decision, now buy the dress!"  I took my Mom and my sister with me.  Like you I really didn't want 10 different opinions and I knew my Mom and my sis would be truthful with me and not try to push what they wanted/envisioned on me.

    So if you want to go alone then go alone.  You could always narrow your dress choice down to two or three and then bring one or two close friends or family members to help you make the final decision if you are really stuck.

  • Yep, that's normal. I so didn't want the big dress shopping experience that I bought my dress online and tried it on in my bedroom. I texted a photo to my best friend for a second opinion, but that's it.
  • I went shopping with just my mom. We've gone clothes shopping together for years, and I knew I could trust her to be honest with me and mostly confirm what I was already thinking about the dresses.
  • I went shopping back home multiple times, with mom and grandma, sister, bff... Then I stopped into a store by myself after work one day bc I happened to be driving by, and I found my dress.  I was living 4 hrs from home, so mom came up to see it a couple weeks later and we ordered it then.


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  • I went with Fi to my first visit (I knew that it would be emotional for me), but after that I really did prefer to go by myself. I went to a couple of shops with my mom and a couple of girlfriends, but I didn't really like that experience. I didn't like that I felt like I had to "entertain" them. And really, it took me about 10 seconds to realize "nope, I actually don't like this dress", so I didn't do the whole Say Yes to the Dress thing where I came out and twirled and everyone oooo'd and ahhhh'd, so it was actually kind of a boring process.
  • I went shopping alone. If I had brought my mom with me I would have ended up with the dress she wanted instead of the one I wanted. There was another bride trying on dresses alone at the shop the same time as I was there. She was looking for another dress because she felt pressured into buying her first dress by family that had gone with her during her other shopping trip.

    So going alone can have its advantages. 

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    I shopped alone.  My only problem was that some stores didn't take me seriously as a real customer.  They lost.  I bought my dress in a department store, from a former teacher from my high school, who knew both my FI and our crazy families.
  • I live an hour and a half away from my parents and most of my family, with exception of my aunt (who was once a wedding photographer.) I've gone with my mom once, and alone twice, but the one time that was really rewarding was when my aunt went with me. She had the prior knowledge of the weddings she had photographed in the past and has become an asset in planning my own wedding- for both my mother and myself. 

    She was able to take pictures with her phone and send them to my mom so she could still be included on the shopping experience. I've narrowed down my choices, and now my mom, my grandmothers, and my aunt are all going with me to try them on again so my mom can see them in person and help me make a final decision. 
  • I hate clothes shopping with my mom, so I will probably go by myself or bring my bff with me. Not a huge deal.

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  •    I don't like clothes shopping with anyone! That said, I bought my dress off of Ebay. I asked my mom for a second opinion before I hit 'buy it now', but that was it. It is beautiful and fits perfectly!
  • yuuuup I wanna go alone too! I don't wanna deal with other opinions or people not liking the dress that I want. I'll actually be buying online. But I wanna go try dresses on just for fun!
  • I'm initially going alone, and will FaceTime 2 of my closest friends(out of town) to figure out exactly what I want. A few weeks later my Aunt, Dad and Sister will come to help me make my final decision! Hopefully I find the gown!!!
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  • There is nothing wrong with going alone if that is what you prefer.  I went with DH and we found "the one" on the first day.
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else really want to go shop for their dress either alone or with one close person? I have no desire to sit with 10 of my closest ladies and disagree on what looks good. I don't want a third and fourth opinion. Is this normal? Or am I just a grinch? Lol. I guess I just need some affirmation that it's okay if i don't take my mom dress shopping with me...
    going with other people is overrated, in my opinion.  I went alone first, then with one other person to a 2nd store, where i found my dress.  I was not interested (at ALL) in the whole "say yes to the dress" experience.  Too many hormones/opinions in one room for my sanity. 
  • I agree with a lot that has already been said. Go alone, or just limit the amount of opinions because it can jade your judgement. Just make sure you listen to your gut feeling and you can't go wrong. 

  • I bought mine online in the DB clearance sale with input from my fiancé. No regrets

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    Everything from how many people you feel comfortable inviting to come shopping with you to the final decision on "The Dress" is your choice and yours alone.

    I would never expect people to come to the appointment with me (or even get excited over being invited to attend), but it meant a lot to me to have my best friends since childhood aka sisters there for my initial dress appointment. I did the whole Kleinfeld's thing with my MoH, BMs, mom, aunt, and FMIL. It was a great experience and everyone loved it. My friends told me that they enjoyed being a part of the process, and I was honored to have them there and hear their thoughts.  My friends and I have completely different styles, but they know me so well that they were absolutely wonderful on voting on what they liked + what was "me" vs. what they would wear for their own wedding. It really made me feel so loved and I'm so happy to have been able to share that moment with them, despite not finding my dress yet.

    I will not be taking them to future appointments since we're all so busy and I have no idea how long it will take to find the dress. I will be going with my mom (and also aunt and FMIL when they want/can) and probably just sending the girls some pics. I'm still waiting for that "The One" feeling. If I find a dress that I absolutely adore, I might even wait to surprise them with it on the wedding day. Though, I probably won't be able to hold out and not share pictures.
  • I got engaged July 23 and by August started trying on dresses alone. A friend got wind of it and then my Neice who then brought my Mom along ..so that's how it happened for me! Twelve dresses later I found the dress. I knew as soon as I came out of the fitting room. This was the dress which was followed by oohs and awes. Lol it's an afternoon I will not forget.
  • I know this is an old question, but I did go shopping alone. My mother lives out of state as does 4 of my 6 bridesmaids, and I have a weird schedule. When I realized that i found the dress, though, I had a friend who lives near the shop come check on my choice. She loved it too, and that was that!
  • Reading everyone's replies is giving me the strength to head out tomorrow. I just moved to be with my Fi and the closest friend is 2 hours away. I really want to get my dress picked out so I can make sure it comes before my June wedding. My only hang up is my mom and sister are coming from several states away specifically for dress shopping. But not until January. I really want to share this with them but I also don't want to have to settle for a dress because of restricted time frame.
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  • This is an awesome question. I went to try on dresses by myself early last month. It was less stressful and easier. However on the other hand, I saw a few other BTB with their wedding party...Honestly, I had a feeling of somewhat, say "psychotic". Wondering if they were looking at me as if I was delusional. She's not really getting married. Lol.  So basically, if you prefer stress free, you know exactly what you are looking for and you are getting married for sure, (too funny) and you don't care what others think, then go for it. Personally, I picked the dress I like that day. Also, I live out of town away from my wedding party so it's best to do what suits you.

    Happy dress hunt....

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