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Asking for help googling.

Sorry I have been gone for a while, been working hard at my new job!  I'm posting and running, sorry! I'll be back in the morning. But I need your help, if you can. 

But we found a cake topper we fell in love with and can only find it on sites that don't ship to the US or the European version of ebay/amazon.  Can anyone find this on a legit site that ships to the US? You ladies seem to be better at googling than me.  (something similar would work too!)


FI and I met playing soccer and fell in love playing soccer. Soccer (or futbol) has always been our thing. We have always played together and play enough that we know how the other person is going to react. We wanted our cake topper to be us. Unfortunately all the US soccer cake toppers only have the guy playing (see below) or are the odd looking customized ones on etsy. Way too expensive and not that great looking.

Thanks! If not, no worries! :)


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Re: Asking for help googling.

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