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We having been thinking of doing something outside of the traditional reception since we will have a small guest list. Any thoughts on an "experience" we could do with the group? One idea we thought of was to bring everyone to the horse races for dinner and a race.

Re: Reception Alternatives

  • Just a bit of brainstorming, especially since I have no idea how many you have or the budget.
    Mideival Times, or similar dinner and show type thing
    Tour a brewery, chocolate factory, winery, etc
    An aquarium visit with dinner in one of their private rooms
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  • If you have rivers/lakes in your area, how about a dinner cruise, even having the ceremony on the boat, too?
  • I like the aquarium idea, zoos usually have rooms that can be reserved also. What about a comedy club or dinner theater?
  • Amusement park
    Theatre/Cabaret (maybe the kind where you can have a nice meal and watch a show at the same time)
    Casino (it could be real casino, but I meant more like a game-playing evening)
    Cruise on a local boat
    Is your wedding in winter ? Going skiing, skating, sliding ... 

    Basically, I would think about something to spend fun and quality time with your small crowd. Sometimes, we forget what it was like to be kids. It's fun to let go of the formal to embrace the simple and casual activities. It's unexpected, but it will be memorable.
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    I once went to a murder mystery wedding. I think it could have been a lot of fun if it was well-executed. It was not.

    I love the PP's ideas. I'd personally adore a winery or chocolate shop. FI kept lobbying for us to get married at a classic car show.

    Just think about your specific guests: find things that will appeal and be accessible to everyone. For instance, there are a lot of things that won't work at my wedding because we'll have a lot of older relatives who aren't as mobile. We're making a lot of decisions with the goal of making it as comfortable as possible.
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  • Think of what you and your groom really enjoy doing together! For instance: my groom and I love going to the theatre and we are really excited about a drive in theatre theme. Cars parked in my parents huge backyard and a big projector and concession food. Maybe you guys could do an amusement park if you like adrenaline? A lunch or brunch beforehand. Pp's mentioned all other ideas I can think of right now lol.
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