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Hi All, I need some help! FH and I have chose a reception venue that we love for dinner, however they don't offer a space to hold the ceremony. Most of the hotels won't allow us to do ceremony only and I'm trying to stay away from outdoor venues as I have horrible allergies. Any suggestions on a ceremony only location for around 50 people for a May Wedding?

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    Where is the reception? I am only asking for proximity for the sake of guests getting around. 

    Do you have a budget for ceremony space? The park district has some indoor spaces available but it's definitely going to get spendy:

    I have some outdoor venue ideas that would work if you have to bend (our ceremony space was the rooftop garden of Lightology for 60 people, TOTALLY recommended but understand the allergy issue. It was very budget friendly tho). I know the Baha'i temple will let you do ceremonies, but I believe they only let you use the indoor space under certain circumstances.

    Definitely going to think on this one!
  • We're doing a dinner reception at Sub 51 so River North area. For the ceremony we're trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible so less than $1000 would be ideal. We did look into the park district but it seemed that most of the indoor spaces either required us to be there at very odd hours or had a time requirement that wouldn't suit our needs (I'm thinking 2 hours tops). The main goal is to not be doped up on benedryl on my wedding day lol!
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    If you have any out of town guests, maybe you could do a small wedding block for guests then the hotel may allow you to use a smaller conference room for a few hours?

    We had looked into some art galleries for ceremony and reception, including Mars gallery. According to their site, $250 - $350 per hour, I don't see any minimum time limit but there may be one. I am assuming you would need to probably rent chairs? 

    ArtTango is a neat space that rents by the hour, however, they do have some sketchy reviews (mostly based on reception/food) so maybe if you just need ceremony space you wouldn't have to deal with that)

    This is kind of a last ditch effort maybe, but do you have any friends/family who live in a larger condo high rise situation? Sometimes those buildings have party/entertaining rooms for residents to rent and a lot of them can be pretty nice.

    Just throwing some things out there as they come to me!

  • Thanks these are great suggestions-I didn't think about the room block! We have a block of rooms at Hotel Allegro so it's worth a shot!
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