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June 2015 Weddings

How did they propose?

Since we're all happily engaged, I want to hear how they did it!

(I'll admit, I LOVE how my fiance proposed, he made it so unique and special)

It was Friday, June 7th - the day before his 27th Birthday. I was in a horrible mood – it was absolutely down pouring outside so I had been making a pot of his favorite pasta sauce for the party we were having the next day, and I fell asleep on the couch while it was simmering. Needless to say, I woke up to a smoke filled kitchen and a burnt pot of sauce. I threw it out and was scrubbing the pot when he came home, so that I could start over. He was cranky too, and went into the bedroom to change out of his work clothes into sweats like I was wearing. He comes out and says “Let’s play Beer Pong” (the dining room table was cleared off for the first time in months for the party the next day). I responded that I wasn’t playing beer pong, just us, in our apartment. Talk about a pathetic Friday night. So he suggested we play Clue (our FAVORITE board game – I always win :D ).

Me: “Jon, you can’t play Clue with 2 people”

Him: “No, you can! I looked it up!”

Me: “Ok fine” (thinking “be nice, it’s almost his birthday”)

He goes to start setting up the game board, while I’m still scrubbing this stupid pot. I asked him that before he got started to empty the dishwasher (something he HATES doing) so I was shocked when he came in without complaint and put all the dishes away in less than a minute flat. He hustles back into the living room to set up the game board and pieces. I come in a few minutes later and sit down on the floor and he jumps up and says “No! Sit here!”. I told him it makes no difference where I sit, so I stayed where he was and (looking back on it) he looks a little nervous, but he lets it go, not want to make a big deal out of it. (Later I found out he had hidden the ring under the couch behind where he was *supposed* to sit, but I had taken his spot) We play the game and (no surprise) I was making my accusation “Miss Scarlet, in the Living Room, with the Revolver”. So I open up the envelope with the Clue cards inside to see if I’m right. The top card says “Living Room” and the card under it has a picture of him on it with his name, and underneath that card is a card that says “The Ring”. My mind couldn’t process what was happening!!! While my jaw drops open and I’m staring at the cards he reaches under the couch behind me and gets on one knee and proposes! I have no idea what he said because I wasn’t listening – I just wanted him to stop talking so I could say yes!!! (Side note – the cards he had taken out of the deck to make the game work WERE Miss Scarlet, in the Living Room, with the Revolver – so not only did I win the best fiancé ever, I also won yet another game of Clue!)

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LaBellaBarv66OHBride85MrandMrsMongooselavenderfields13yumet23JaniV123[Deleted User]haleyk620

Re: How did they propose?

  • It was Valentine's Day of 2013, I've come to never really expect much because we normally don't celebrate the holiday. I was scheduled to work late that day and was up early working on paper work and whatnot just sitting on my computer. Well Mike walks in and sits on the bed next to me and says "Hey, you wanna do something crazy?" Now Mike isn't exactly the spontaneous type and I did have to work in a few hours and was racking my mind for what he could possibly want to do. I hesitantly said "okkkaayyyyyy." He said "Would you want to marry me?" I believe the first thing I said was REALLY? followed by CRAZY! followed by YES! It was a perfect way for him to do it, very low-key and personal and I loved it.

    LlikotdesserdMrandMrsMongoose[Deleted User]
  • Ours was also very low key and very personal. It was Christmas Eve 2013 and we were leaving our house to go to a few Christmas parties. As we were walking out the door he said "hold on I forgot something". I turned around and he was down on one knee with the ring. I'm not sure what he said I was so in shock. So much in shock he had to ask me a few times if I was saying Yes! The best part was he had my parents waiting down the street to celebrate with us.
    LlikotdesserdMrandMrsMongoose[Deleted User]
  • OHBride85OHBride85 Columbus, OH member
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    Ours happened Oct. 25, 2013, FI's birthday! We were in Chicago for a friend's wedding and went a day early to do things for FI's birthday. We walked around all day, went to see different things, stopped at a bar or 2 on our adventure to get a drink and warmed up.  FI wanted to get to the Navy Pier to see the skyline at sunset.  We were trying to get there but kept hitting dead ends.  I told FI that it wasn't a big deal and we could always go the next morning but he said no and was strangely determined to get there. I let it go since it was his birthday.  We finally made it and it to the end of the pier. It was almost 100% empty since it was so cold out so we basically had the whole pier to ourselves.  I was taking a picture of the skyline and he turned me around and popped the question! It was perfect and it was just the 2 of us. I couldn't think of anything better
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    Llikotdesserd[Deleted User]
  • I was just thinking of creating a board for us to share our stories on! I loved reading these and I hope more people will share their special moments! 

    I was COMPLETELY surprised and blown away when Troy asked me to marry him! We are avid snowmobilers, so I didn't think anything of it when we took off on a Saturday morning with about 15 of our friends (including my brother and SIL). Everything was normal as could be; we made the typical stops and met up with a few other friends along the way. Along the way we all went up to the top of Little Blue Mt., which I was excited about because it was the first time this season I had been able to get up there As we were walking out to the ledge where you can (on a clear day) see the northern range of the Adirondack High Peaks he said "Well I've been doing a lot of planning for today," and that's all I remember hearing LOL  I looked over and a couple of our crew were holding a HUGE banner that said, "Lacey, will you marry me?"; he got down on one knee, I started to cry, and honestly can't even remember him asking me I was so engulfed in the moment. After I calmed down (yes, I was crying that much!), he said "Well is that a yes?" And I said "OF COURSE!" 

    I truly can not find words to describe that day! I am thankful that all of our friends were there to share this moment, and they got a ton of photos and videos which are priceless (I still watch the video almost daily). Actually, as soon as I said yes everyone was asking "Can we put our pics on FaceBook?" I replied, "Well does my family know?" Troy told me that he had already talked to my parents - my whole family knew, his whole family knew. I couldn't believe how many people knew and kept it a secret for so long.
    LlikotdesserdLaBellaBarv66[Deleted User]
  • My fiance and I are not really the over the top romantic type, so the way he did it was definitely perfect to me! We had been dating just over four years and finally we decided to go pick out a ring. I picked out one and we were told it would be in on November 15, 2014, so I didn't think the proposal would happen until sometime after that date. Well, it came in early and on November 9 he told me that we needed to go to the school that his mom is a principal at and pick up a desk and take it to his parents house for her. Honestly, I didn't think much of it because they had recently gotten rid of a desk at their house. Anyway, we get to the school and he uses the key to get in, but then starts panicking because he can't find the alarm box to disarm the alarm. He tells me we need to leave the building right away and call his mom to alert the alarm company before the alarm goes off. He tries to get me to call his mom, but I'm pretty stubborn and refuse because I don't even know what's going on. Finally, he just tosses me the phone and says it's calling as he goes to his car. His mom doesn't answer, but the voicemail comes up and it's his voice asking me to marry him. He then got down on one knee and I just couldn't stop saying, "Are you serious?!" but eventually did say yes after realizing it was actually happening. Then some little boys playing across the street say, "look at the sign!" and sure enough, the sign on the front of the building says "L, will you marry me? M". It also turned out that his mom was videotaping it all while hiding in the building. Definitely better than anything I could have expected!
    LaBellaBarv66LlikotdesserdMrandMrsMongoose[Deleted User]
  • Our proposal was pretty low key. My fiance had to work late on Valentine's Day so we decided to just do a nice dinner at home. When he got home he was really excited to exchange gifts. He went into the other room and came out with 'my gift' behind his back. He said, "Its not much.." Got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and said, "Just the rest of our lives. Will you marry me?" It was simple, but very sweet. :)
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    LaBellaBarv66Llikotdesserd[Deleted User]
  • I was a little surprised with ours.  We moved in together last September (2013) and about a month after we moved in together I started having some health issues.  In the last 8-9 months I've been in the ER about 5 times for severe hives all over my body.  So needless to say I haven't been the most happy person lately.  But recently it just started clearing up out of no where.  May 17 we went to play golf on the golf course that we live on.  It's one of our favorite things to do together.  We were having a party for his birthday later that day because he was going to be out of state training on his actual birthday.  I kicked his butt on the front 9 holes!  Which is a first!  So I was super excited.  We pulled up to the 13th hole and I said I needed to get some more drinks out of his bag in the back of the cart.  While I was getting my drink he asked me to get some more T's.  I thought that was weird because we had plenty up front.  When I unzipped the bag he said "And bring me that pretty red box too!"  I couldn't believe it!  He asked me to be his wife.  :)  I then went on to lose the whole game! HA!
    Llikotdesserd[Deleted User]
  • My fiancee took me back to where we first met, we actually had been talking about getting married awhile but I figured he was still trying to save up for the ring. We met at the beach at the emerald club in emerald isle at a mutual band's gig. So it was only fitting that they happened to be playing again the night he proposed. On the bands break I thought he was going to the bathroom but next thing i know he's up front on stage in front of a whole crowd of strangers. Funny thing about our relationship is that I actually said no to him 3 different times before I agreed to go on a date with him, he chased me for about a year. So he told that story and then said "I hope this time will be a different answer" and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!
    lavenderfields13Llikotdesserd[Deleted User]
  • It was our 1 year anniversary. We went to Olive garden. He had steak and I had lasagna. When we ordered he told me to close my eyes. So i did and he just readjust the box and it was in a bigger box. He had the big box on the living room shelf for 2 weeks. I kept staring at it. He opened the box and asked me to marry me. I said yes of course. But the funny thing is that he said was too full to get on one knee. It was funny. I just smiled.

  • It was June 30th of this year.  We were in New Orleans on vacation and decided to visit a few plantations about an hour away.  There was one place that he kept talking about for a few weeks before we left called Oak Alley where the oak trees formed a covered walkway up to the house.  He even brought a huge drawing of it when we visited Jackson Square just a day before we went.  When we first arrived we walked around the grounds and he asked me to walk down the tree path with him, at the end there was a bench and we sat down to enjoy the view for a few. 

     I had already thought that he was going to purpose there, I found the ring awhile back (which I admitted to him) and heard that he had asked my dad for his blessing right before the trip, so when we left I knew it was coming.  But... when we were unpacking in New Orleans he threw a complete and total fit saying how stupid he was and now I'm going to be disappointed...basically telling me that his dumb butt forgot to grab the ring. He put on such a good show too, b/c I actually believed him, no proposal on vaca.. ohwell.

    And now back to the trees, I'm sitting there thinking to myself that this is where he would have so purposed if he hasn't of forgotten the freaking ring, I mean it was so beautiful, it would have been the perfect setting.  FI then asks if I love him, "well of course I do", will you marry me, "you know I will", he pulled out the ring and said you might need this then and put it on my finger.  Nothing out there but it was perfect to me :)


    [Deleted User]Llikotdesserd
  • All of these stories are so sweet and personal, I hope you all like mine!

    He proposed on June 3 of this year, just about a week and half shy of our 8 year anniversary.

    It had been a really long day so around 9:30 I told him I was going upstairs to relax on the bed and read a little before going to sleep (which I do a lot). He said he'd be up soon. Of course, as soon as I started reading, I fell asleep (something I also do a lot lol). So he comes upstairs, sees me sleeping, and wakes me up, telling me to go put my pajamas on and actually get ready for bed.

    When I get back in the bedroom, he is sitting on the bed holding his acoustic guitar. When we first starting dating, he was in a band in college and from time to time he'll play me a song that he's taught himself. So he tells me he's been working on a new song and asks if he can play it quickly for me? Even though I'm dying to go back to sleep, I say yes. He starts playing this song that we both listened to a lot when we first started dating. It's this really sweet song called 'Quit Your Life'. And at the end of the song, he personalized the last chorus to make me laugh. When I stopped laughing and opened my eyes, he had the ring and this huge smile on his face. I thought it was perfect!
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  • These are all so wonderful!

    My FI proposed Dec. 28, 2013. We had been together for more than four and a half years. For Christmas (when I had been kind of expecting a ring) my present from him was tickets to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway which had been a dream of mine for fifteen years. We went to NYC to see the show, and during the show right before intermission is my favorite song "All I Ask of You" and during the line "Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime" he pulled out the ring so I could see it! I was nodding and started crying. During intermission he told me he'd do it properly when we got back to our hotel. After the show was over, when we got back to the hotel he had had these gorgeous flowers delivered to our room and got down on one knee, pulled out the ring again, sang that line and then asked me to marry him! It was magical and perfect! He's not usually over the top romantic, but when he tries, he nails it :-D

    I'm so excited that we're getting married on our sixth anniversary, June 7!!

  • @Butteflyz, that is really romantic and sweet. I love Phantom as well! Actually, one of our engagement gifts from my mom was this frame, and it even plays All I Ask of You. I put an older picture of us in it until we get our engagement pictures taken next month.

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  • Oooh, I may have to get one of those myself! That's lovely!
  • alsunalsun member
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    Love reading all these stories and I still love thinking back to mine! 

    I had gone shopping on a Friday back in February after getting off work and I should have known something was up because he kept calling me and asking how much longer I'd be shopping, how many stores I still was going to, when I'd be home, etc...I was just thinking, "leave me alone...I'm shopping!" 

    When I got home I joined him on the couch in the basement to have a beer and talk about the day. After we finished our beer, he went up to the kitchen to get another. I could hear him fiddling around up there with something and then he asked me to come up to help him. At this point, I was just hoping he had made some nachos or something of that nature. Instead, he had his computer set up in the living room and had a little speech about how he had made something to show me why he loved me since he didn't get me anything for Valentine's Day (which was the previous Friday). At this point, I suppose I really should have known something was going on, but it was true...he hadn't even got me a card! So he had put together a really sweet slide show of pictures from when we first started dating (6 years ago!) until present day, explaining all the things he loves about the relationship. At the end he opened a drawer and pulled out the ring, got on one knee, and asked me if the relationship could be forever! Instant tears. AND just when I thought it couldn't get any better...

    He had arranged for his family to go out to my parents house for a "surprise birthday party" so that they could all be surprised with the news at the same time. After sharing the story, we were all relaxing, celebrating, and eating when there was a knock at the back door and in walk my sisters who in Montana and Florida (we are located in the Midwest). Again..instant tears! He had flew them in to be with us for the weekend. Best weekend ever celebrating with family and thinking about the future.,.hard to imagine a better night but I'm sure 6/20/2015 may top it. :-)
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