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Cancun/Riviera Maya Destination Wedding - May 2015 - Resort Help

Hello all - I'm a newly engaged (3 days!) girl from Alberta, Canada.  My FI and I are planning to do a destination wedding next spring in Cancun/Mayan.

I've been looking at resorts online through a few travel sites, but I am finding things are SO expensive coming from Calgary.  I'm more concerned about my guests having affordable options than what it costs me and my FI for our trip/wedding (we're only doing this one, right?!?!).

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience/ideas as to what type of group discounts we can expect for our guests when I'm looking at prices online??? I would like there to be options below $1500 pp CDN for my guests, lower is better, but still at a good resort.

Our must haves:  a great, rock free beach, decent food and grounds....

I'm open to any suggestions or ideas.  Right now, our front runners are Fiesta Americana Condesa and Sandos Playacar beach.  If I could put FAC at the location of the Playacar, I wouldn't even need to ask :)


Re: Cancun/Riviera Maya Destination Wedding - May 2015 - Resort Help

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    I recommend working with a travel agent who can arrange group rates and extra perks for the group. That way, the agent can assist you with choosing the right resort for your wants and needs and you can get the best value for your money.


  • Welcome @2015kat and congrats!! We are getting married a little bit further from Cancun but are flying into Cancun b/c it is the least expensive place to fly into in Mexico. We are getting married in the Riveria Maya/Playa Del Carmen area at the Secrets Maroma Beach resort. The beach is supposed to be one of the best in Mexico, food is supposedly great and the drinks are strong! :) I have not personally been to the resort but my brother and sister in law have and they loved it!!

    We invited 70 guests but are most likely having 40-50 come. our budget is $10,000 not including our trip, With our stay and flight we are at $13,000. Our agent gave guests the option of 3-7 days. Our price is around 220 per person for food/drink/hotel/taxes/airport transfers and flights average $400-$500 to cancun.

    Hope this helps!! As a side note I have been to the Fiesta Americana in Cabo and the one in Cozumel and they were both great! One was definitely nicer than the other but both were clean and the food was pretty good. :) Good luck planning!

  • Thanks for the information @Latillo!  Where are you and your guests travelling from? 

    That is a CRAZY deal for Secrets Maroma.. I thought they charged $220 per night?

    I can vouch for the Maroma Beach area.  Me and my FI were there in March this year, at the Catalonia next door to Secrets.  The beach is simply the best I have ever been too (I've done Punta Cana twice and Varadero) - super clear water, you can still swim on a red flag, warm.... amazing!  I would easily go back to that area, but I found our resorts food to be not great (enough that I wouldn't go back), and the other resorts in the area are pricey.

    I have a travel agent who is a friend (coming to the wedding) and a great schmoozer so I'll get him on some resorts to see what we can do.

  • Hahah. Sorry, I meant $220 per night!!
  • But at 220 a night your guests can still stay 4 nights and with flight your under $1500 a person! and most of the reviews I have read said the food is great so fingers crossed!

    We are all traveling from Chicago. I have one cousin traveling from Nashville and a few friends from Florida and South Carolina but majority of us live in Chicago.

  • Congrats on your engagement! Playa del Carmen seems to be more affordable than Cancun and in Cancun you have to watch because the water can be dark blue and not the turquoise gorgeous water you think of. I second working with a travel agent or at least to help get better perks and group rates. Plus it makes the booking process easier for you since they handle everyone. I recommend Beach Bum Vacations, I've been working with Erica and she's phenomenal! We had the same budget for our guests and we just decided on Iberostar Tucan which people can stay a week for under a $1000 depending on the room. That way it gives leeway for flight since prices are out yet. Good luck!
  • Hi there,

    I booked Dreams Riviera Cancun and with a travel agent I think you could get a good deal there as well! I was looking at Secrets Maroma but the boy has nephews who will be 17 and 14. I don't really care about having any other kids there but his nephews are a must. We have a plan with AM Resorts so guests will get a 25% discount which is helpful. The thing at Secrets or Dreams which is nice is if you have 10 rooms booked filled by your guests-your stay is free. Perhaps you can use money saved on that to subsidize some of the rooms for people who may be struggling?
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