what should I do. laid-off from work

hi everyone.  For all of you who don't know me, my name is Kate. I been planning my wedding for a few months now.  I booked the catering, tents, jp, & my photographer so far.
Yesterday my fiance told me that he was laid-off from his work. I am not sure what to do. I hope he finds a job soon, his last day will be this coming Friday. My question is should I stop the wedding planning? should I continue? should I even mention it.... he seems kind of worried.  
We just recently purchase an apartment and what I make is not even close to what he makes a year.  I will be able to afford the food, bills and perhaps a few months from our mortgage but thats it.  thanks.

Re: what should I do. laid-off from work

  • First, I am so sorry you're going through this.

    My first piece of advice is to not spend one more cent on the wedding for now. 

    The rest of my advice depends on a number of factors.  If your date is a year or more away you might not need to panic yet, especially if your FI's job prospects are good.  Depending on what type of work he does, this will vary.  Some fields are hiring more than others right now.  Be sure that you have enough to pay your bills because a wedding is not worth being evicted/ homeless.

    If the wedding is soon-ish I suggest checking your contracts to see how much it's going to cost you to cancel.  Losing deposits would suck but it's better than being stuck with bills you can't pay.  In some cases you can recover your deposits if the vendors are able to book someone else for your date. Hopefully FI is able to find something quickly and you're able to resume saving for your wedding.
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  • If your salary can't cover the mortgage than it doesn't seem reasonable to try to pay for a wedding as well. How far away is your wedding? Maybe you can talk to your vendors and let them know what is going on, tell them if your fiance doesn't have a new job by X/X date than you will have to postpone. As long as you stay with your same vendors they may be agreeable to let you change your date without loosing deposits.

    When we first began planning by fiance got furloughed and then the government shut down. We had already chosen our venue and had a date for this summer. Our venue was very understanding and allowed us to book the wedding 10 months later than we were planning and let us keep our quoted rental fee. Point being, you should chat with all your vendors and if they can accommodate your situation.
  • thank you Sarah & CTYankee.  I am kind of nervous but i am just going to wait and pray that he will find something soon.  If he doesn't find anything in the next month or so I will contact my vendors. 
    thanks thanks
  • Hi Katy, so sorry to hear of this happening to you and your fiance.

    One of my bridesmaids was supposed to be married this weekend. She and her fiancee had a similar situation during which they decided to postpone for another year back in November, although they had already booked their venue and paid 1/3 of the cost as the down payment. The venue was more than happy to postpone the wedding to an indefinite time and was super accommodating. Just letting you know this stuff happens and it doesn't have to end terribly!
  • Thank you @futuremrsmerati
    he has a two interviews in the city already. :)
  • That's great! So glad to hear.
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