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Has anyone heard anything about Star Ranch in Corona CA?

My fiance and I recently visited Star Ranch in Corona, CA. It was a really cool venue, but I have read mixed reviews online. I am a little worried to book it. Any feedback, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: Has anyone heard anything about Star Ranch in Corona CA?

  • Let me tell you about them, first off I am in the middle of a lawsuit trying to get back my deposit (100% refundable deposit) because they fell off the radar for nearly 2 months and refused to return any phone calls.  Only when my fiancé called with a different phone number they didn’t recognize did they finally answer to get an earful from him.  That day they finally sent me my contact draft which was done with nothing but errors which they never rectified.  Then upon further investigation I discovered that they have a cease and desist order from the State stating, and I quote, “it is further ordered, adjudged and decreed defendants and their agents, contractors, servants, employees, representatives, and all persons acting for or in concerts with them are permanently enjoined as follows: a. from committing further violations of RCO No. 348 by specifically requiring defendants to cease and desist operation of any unpermitted commercial activity on the properties, including but not limited to the operation of Starranch or any event facility as of the date of this Judgment”  it goes on further in saying that the entire Pueblo de Mexico was build without building permits and orders them to remove every last structure.  You can look all this up for yourself their true business name is Starranch Management LLC and it is registered to Robert Zemel.  Don’t take my word for it, this is a public record.  Look for yourself but PLEASE don’t make the same mistake I did!
  • We are the father and mother of the groom married in November 2011.  My kids picked the venue which we thought was quite beautiful but that is all we can say about star ranch.  I will not take the time to elaborate about the many many problems with our wedding.  My wife has posted on many difffernt sites about the tradgedy associated with Bob and his crew.  To be honest I spent my entire evening as father of the groom working my ass off picking up the slack left by Bob's poor planning. I misssed most of the wedding.   Everything from people left at the bottom of the hill because their decreped equipment to a dinner where the groom and his brother my sons had to bus tables because dinner dishes were left on the table all night (at a wedding?).  They promised the world but did not deliver.  We I returned the next day to pick up items we brought up the hill Bob would not even come out and talk.  When we discussed the disaster with Valya she cried and said how sorry she was but continued posts reflects things have not changed.  Our (my) honest recommendation is choose another venue where you are treated with respect and get your serious monies worth.  My kids did not see what was going in the background,  All they could see was each other for which I'm thankful.  They think they had the coolest wedding and that was all that mattered.

    Joseph Hale
  • The property is skin-deep. It's fairy dust on a monster. Blow it off, and it eats you alive. It's only a matter of time before Bob Zemel is arrested for any of many crimes or violations. It's only a matter of time before he pulls that trigger on that shotgun he loves to put into the faces of people in his rages. He is dangerous. He will put on a preacher's suit and marry you, but you should verify his license or lack of one first, as you may just have to do it all over again. Think about what that means. He is a crook and has set that place up to front his needs.  Not your needs. He comes first, and you are in the way after your check clears. Performing your event is a necessary after-thought. People get sick off the food served or the water that makes the lemonade and tea. They say that well water has parasites.
    If you want a story to tell your kids and grandkids, this is the place:  if you want to keep re-telling a nightmare!

  • In Response to <a href="">Has anyone heard anything about Star Ranch in Corona CA?</a>:
    [QUOTE]My fiance and I recently visited Star Ranch in Corona, CA. It was a really cool venue, but I have read mixed reviews online. I am a little worried to book it. Any feedback, positive or negative would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Posted by MrsKCernas[/QUOTE]
    <p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-size:11pt;font-family:Arial;color:#1f1f1f;">I was a Bride at the Ranch in 2012 and I would NOT recommend anyone in having a wedding or an event at this facility. Yes they have a beautiful location, unfortunately it is ran poorly. Valya and Bob will promise you the world and woo-you to make you think that they will provide you with a great event. But when it comes to the main event they are way over their heads and cannot pull off all the things they promised you. On top of that Bob is very rude, manipulative, and looses his temper on guests and family. There are many reviews out there about the Star Ranch and the census is: They promise you the world & cannot follow thru, not staffed accordingly, and Bob is rude, mean, & uncooperative. If you are already stuck doing an event with the Ranch, my word of advise! Make sure what ever you want and need is in the contract and be on them for anything you need on that big day.</span></p>
  • The reason why they are not able to "pull things off is because they are both incredibly manipulative." They, "use," their employees. Most of the ppl that work there are volunteers. He expects alot from them and doesn't appreciate them nor pays them because he/Bob can't afford it. SO, you get what you pay for. Has anyone looked into how he actually was able to purchase such a property? Perhaps, he is in over his head. These comments are not just coming from anyone. It is coming from someone with experience. Years ago, I used to volunteer there, with promises of "someday pay," if I stuck it out long enough. I never got paid, no nothing. I didn't expect it and didn't put up a fuss for any pay. However, then I soon learned how dishonest and manipulative he really was. One day when I was volunteering, he told me to leave because his other business partner was coming. I thought- "huh? So what..he/she should be proud of my hard work and be thankful." I figured, ok, no biggie. So I used the bathroom and proceeded to leave. I left and then noticed that my necklace was missing from around my neck. I went back to look for it and when I got there...this female partner of his, had it on around her neck!!! She stole my necklace! It had fallen off when I was cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. When I noticed it on her neck I complimented her on it, (of course knowing that it was mine), and she was dumb enough to say thank you! Can you believe her? I asked her where she got it and she commented that she found it in the house and so Bob just told her to keep it. I asked her if it was hers and that she should probably turn it into lost and found. Her reaction was: losers weepers - winners keepers: sort of childish reply. She appeared to be a bit unstable. Then I told her that she must have been the loser for stealing, because it was mine. She eventually gave it up, knowing it was mine and I got it back. Hold on to your jewelry ladies and gents! Cause if you lose it at StaRRanch, you may never see it again. When I went back a day later on in the week to tell him what happened and that I was, "Quiting volunteering there," he actually had the nerve to defend her, even though he knew the truth. He then went on and on to tell me some rediculous story about another gal by the name of Jennifer that used to do hard work/volunteer for him there before me. He kept making fun of her, this so called Jennifer volunteer. He said that she wanted to keep coming back and volunteering, but he got rid of her because he thought she was disadvantaged. When I asked him what he meant by, disadvantaged..he replied that she was schizophrenic. He continued to make fun of her over and over. I thought, "What kind of sick creep is this/he?" I wish I knew who this Jennifer was, so that I could report him to the labor board. But how do you report abuse of someone when they are technically not on pay roll and are being used for their good ethical hard labor? I don't care what anyone says. That place is a lot of hard work, even if it is just the cleaning. Is there a volunteer association that he can be reported to for discrimination or neglect? I'm telling you: parents and wedding parties with kids- be careful of bringing your fine jewelry and kids here. Leave your good expensive valuables at home if you chose this venue. I was really shocked at his and her behavior. If you are a volunteer, don't believe the promises. To any wedding parties: I would not recommend this outlet. It's going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Is this really how you want to remember it? And to Jennifer- if you are reading heart goes out to you, because you worked for a monster. Do your goodwill else where. Someplace where you will be appreciated and paid for your time. And last but least: Anyone know who this Jennifer is? Or is Bob just a little nuts in making up stories? No friend of Mickey Mouse is no friend of mine. At least Mickey Mouse makes ppl smile. Speaking of Mickey. Does Walt Disney have catered events or grounds for weddings? I think some of their hotels do.
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