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I am really starting to consider having a photo booth at our reception at Maggianos. Since I have the DiCarlo and Calabria rooms I think there will be plenty of room. However, it is not included in my budget so I do not want to spend so much on it. For those who have booked one, could you share the company?
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Re: Photo booths

  • I know Glitter Lens photography does photo booths. I'm not sure on their pricing but I've booked the for our photography for our strip tour and thought they had pretty good prices but not sure what they charge for the photo booth. Good luck!
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  • we used shutterbooth and absolutely loved them! The host was great - Sarah was her name - I asked about a customized design for the strips which they did and it was great (a la zombies as a surprise for hubby) and every really enjoyed it, was a total hit for us. 

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  • I'm using The Krazy Booth! They are about $750 to $1000 for a package that includes a guest book with unlimited photos. My photographer owns the company. I've noticed she does send out emails where discounts are available.
  • We were about to go with premiere photo booth las vegas for $400 for 4 hours but my fiance found out you can make your own photo booth with a tablet. So we are getting a great tablet, photo printer on sale and making props for about $700, but we get two expensive items that we were planning to purchase in the future anyway. We are going to test the set up soon so Ill give an update on how it turns out.
  • We're building our own as well!
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  • I want one so bad, but have not booked one yet.  I'm looking at Shutterbooth though... just trying to muster up the nerve to put it in the budget. 
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  • missholly18missholly18 member
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    We went to a bridal show in Jan of this year and saw a ton of photobooths and the prices ranged anywhere between $300-$1200.  We settled on PicBot - basically your guest takes a picture behind a green screen and they can choose a background.  We thought it was really cool and different.  It was $400 for 4 hours. 

  • I loveeee the photo booth idea!! We are having our reception dinner at Sage and i hope to god we have the room to have one! 
  • I want one so bad, but have not booked one yet.  I'm looking at Shutterbooth though... just trying to muster up the nerve to put it in the budget. 

    We have ShutterBooth booked and are soooo excited!! We had to adjust some numbers to make room for it in the budget but it was important to us so we made it happen. They've been great to work with so far!!
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  • We're using ShutterBooth as well.  I hear such great things about them and we are very excited but unlike tcnoble, my response from them has not been that great.  Dawn called me immediately when I first inquired but after that, I've had to send multiple emails or call to get a response and they've supposed to have gotten back to me about a custom design on our photo strips and I'm still waiting for anyone to get back in touch with me.  I'll start bugging them as we get closer but it does make me nervous that I'm always the one that has to be a PITA to get a response.  I hope it's not that way on wedding day.  The reason we went with them though is because they're a preferred vendor of Maggiano's and everyone raves about the service.  FIngers crossed.
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  • missholly18, have you seen picbot in action?  Or read any real-life reviews?  Thanks!
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  • @DixeChic19 - yes we took pics at the Bridal Show.  It was really cool, so far I've just signed the contract/deposit and communication has been good.
  • @dbacksgirl‌ don't worry I always have to be the PITA too.
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    @missholly18, that is a more reasonable price than some other companies I've seen! Let us know how it turns out! When is your wedding?
  • @bdoughty324 - it's 9/27/14 - got 10 weeks to go!
  • Can't wait to hear your reviews on the picbot!
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  • I'm about to right my reviews from my March wedding, but I used PicBots, and the service was really great. The only thing that I wasn't really a big fan of was that there weren't as many props as some of the other booths I've used at other weddings. That said, it was totally worth the $450 that we spent.

    Hope that helps. If you want to see the pictures, just PM me.
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