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Heat & swollen fingers

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I'm 10 days out for my wedding and now that all the details are finalized I'm apparently finding other things to worry about lol I read recently where both the bride and grooms wedding rings wouldn't fit at the ceremony because it was so hot and their fingers were swollen. So now I have that thought in my head. Oven ever been to Vegas before and I know August is the worst time to go because of the heat. I don't think I'll have a problem but I'm worried about my fiances fingers swelling-has this ever happened to anyone? I guess if it comes down to it he just wears the ring on his pinky? Lol. The things I'm worrying about now.....

Re: Heat & swollen fingers

  • Is your ceremony indoor or outdoor? I would say staying really hydrated would help. 
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  • It's outside at sunset, but it's a pretty quick ceremony. Plus we are flying in the morning before, so I guess we should double up on the water!
  • I actually had this issue on my wedding July 8th! I noticed a couple hours before that my hands were swollen and started to kind of freak out lol. BUT, my wedding coordinator actually brought me a bucket of ice, so I iced down my hand for a couple minutes right before the ceremony and we were good to go! The swelling went way down and my ring went on fine :) I am sure that someone would be willing to do the same for your future hubby if he needs it.
  • Ours were swollen there is actually a funny video of me trying to get the ring on his finger. I wouldn't worry about that tiny detail
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    Stay hydrated and watch your sodium intake. As someone else mentioned, if you're still puffy that day, you can soak your hand in ice water.

  • Thank you everyone! At least I know it could happen and can be prepared lol now I'll find something else to worry about I'm sure!
  • Oh it happened to us!! Well him not me... Our ceremony was outside and it was like 96F/37C and his fingers swelled. He half wore it until he could force it on and once we got inside with AC, it went on about 15 mins later.

    This was not something we even thought about happening, we were not prepped for it to happen but we laigh about it now!
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