Vineyards in MD?

My man and I just moved to California, but the the family is back on the east coast.  We would love to be able to get everyone out to a winery in CA, but that just isn't going to happen....any suggestions on wineries in MD, about an hour or so outside of Bmore max? 

Re: Vineyards in MD?

  • Elk Run, Liganore, Boordy, Fiore
  • you should look nat Black Ankle - its amazingly beutiful.  Call with questions if you'd like...


  • Running Hare looks really nice I didn't get a chance to look at it in person.
  • I was married at Running Hare in Prince Frederick MD 03/24/2012.  They were amazing!!  They took care of everything for us!  They had two vendor options for catering.  We went with Maryland Country Caterers.  I honestly have to say they took away the stress of wedding planning.  David at MD Country Caterers kept everything together, asked all the right questions, and his 20+ years of experience showed. 

    A year later, our friends and family are still saying how much fun they had at our wedding.  It was mostly because of Running Hare and MD Country Caterers. 

    ... still smiling just thinking about it.
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    Linganore Vinyard / winery  also known as berrywine plantations is really great! Gorgeous venue indoors and out! Been to and in a few weddings at Linganore and loved everyone! 

    And it's so easy to get to! it's 20 minutes From Frederick and probably 30-35 or so from Baltimore.  

  • Running Hare venue looks beautiful...Do you remember how pricy it was? Wondering if it's even worth looking into.


  • Linganore is beautiful but they only also you to serve their wine and a small keg of beer.  If beer is important to you, you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Most vineyards do not allow you to serve beer. Maryland is really strict with their liquor laws. My Aunt owns Elk Run. Small, quaint and beautiful. I would have my wedding there if I could serve beer. Black Ankle is beautiful too

  • I 2nd Black Ankle Vineyard.  My colleague got married there a few years ago and her photos have been published all over the place.  The vineyard is very nice just a little crowded.  Anyway, here are the photos I found in my email:
  • I was at a wedding at Linganore and the beer wasn't an issue at all. Many more people than you think will drink wine and not even care about having beer as an option. But even so the beer was plenty. 
  • MD vineyards are beautiful but the wine is terrible (especially if you're comparing it to CA wine)...just a friendly warning :) 
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