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American Flatbread?

Hi all- My fiance and I have settled on our venue (ECHO in Burlington), now we're looking at catering options. Both of us love American Flatbread, and we know that they do wedding catering. Has anybody used them or looked into them? We know the food is great, but how about pricing? We were also concerned about hor d'oeurves and such, as the restaurant doesn't have them.

Re: American Flatbread?

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    my fiance and i were looking into having American Flatbread cater our wedding too, since we were considering having it at Lareau Farm.  The catering menu that Flatbread offers at Lareau Farm is $28.00 pp plus 9% tax and 20% gratuity. It included a display of fruits, veggies, dips, and crackers, then salad for everyone, followed by a buffet of 5 different pizzas, and apple pie for dessert. i did have some questions for them though, as on the catering menu above the flatbread options it says "A Sampling Only!" so, I'm not sure how much of each pizza will be provided, and if it would be a filling meal for each guest... i hope that helps!!
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    That does help a whole lot, thanks! I think by 'just a sampling', they mean that they have more options available, not that the guests only get a sample size of pizza.
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    Im getting married at ECHO too! Idk about American Flatbread tho...we are having Wetherbees Catering, I;ve heard great things about them and they are resonably priced.Im doing buffett style. Good Luck...I love ECHO! Laughing
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    I went to a friend's wedding that used American Flatbread - The food was great and it was something different and fun. I think they had side salads with the pizza. I would recommend them for a casual wedding reception from a guest standpoint!
  • I'm using American Flatbread. We haven't had the wedding yet, but my experience so far had been somewhat frustrating. It's very hard to get a prompt response from the person in charge of organizing everything. I'm sure it will turn out fine, but if you want a caterer who's good at keeping in touch and communicating, I wouldn't recommend them.
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