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Lake Buena Vista Wedding

We're hoping to have a ceremony in the vicinity of Walt Disney World, with less than 30 guests. We would like to have an intimate ceremony and then have dinner in the MK park with our guests. Therefore we need a venue that is close to WDW. We've looked into the the WDW weddings, but once you go over 20 guests it becomes very expensive. Any suggestions?!

Re: Lake Buena Vista Wedding

  • Are you looking to have your ceremony on Disney property? There are "disney hotels" on Lake Buena Vista Drive (Hilton, Holiday Inn, etc) that are really nice and you could rent a ballroom there and be right across from Downtown Disney without the Disney price.
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    There are many hotels that aren't Disney owned but on the property. Anything from the B hotel to the Waldorf and Four Seasons. You could go online or hire a planner to find them all.
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