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Should we have a grand marshall?

I've never been a part of a second line parade.  I've never seen one live either.  I've seen videos of a grand marshall at a second line parade, but I'm unsure if it's worth the extra $200.  Can anyone chime in here?  Should we save some cash or is this a MUST HAVE part of our second line? Thanks!

Re: Should we have a grand marshall?

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    This is not a must have. Most wedding second lines do not have a Grand Marshall. I would put your $200 somewhere else. For instance, you can have engraved napkins made for the second line. 
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    We are having one. I think it's really a preference and/or budget thing. We saved on a lot of things so that's where we're spending a few extra bucks. Either way, it's going to be fun and you and your guests will love it!
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    We had the option of getting a grand marshall as well for an extra $ amount, and decided against it. I've attended many weddings with second lines and none of them had them, and honestly, not really necessary, imo. The way I see it, you and your groom should be the grand marshalls of your second line. 
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