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{ Wedding Day: Groom Gift } ??? Help!!!

Ladies, i need ideas for a groom gift (besides boudoir shoot, cufflinks or watches) … any other ideas? thanks :)

Re: { Wedding Day: Groom Gift } ??? Help!!!

  • Electronics - Ipad or other tablet; new cel. phone; 
    Sports - anything personalized to hold his gear or for tailgate
    Work - Leather desk items - blotter, pen/pencil cup
    Personal - Designer wallet (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada)
                    Same for key cases
    Shoes- This may sound silly, but a good designer pair of dress shoes will last forever (Allen Edmunds; or tuxedo shoes like Valentino - Neiman Marcus for both)
    Briefcase/Computer case - personalized (also will last forever)
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