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Gel Nails question

Hey ladies, I had a question about gel nails. I was growing my nails out and, of course, in the week leading up to my wedding most of them broke (thanks, work). I now have short stubby uggo nails and was considering getting gel nails for my wedding this Saturday (!). My question is... Are gel nails only the length of your regular nails or can they be longer? If I want longer ones should I then go for acrylic? Thanks!

Re: Gel Nails question

  • VulgarGirlVulgarGirl Desert Oasis member
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    Gel nails are the type of polish that goes onto your nail. They don't make them longer, but the polish lasts for freaking ever (also known as about 2 weeks). Acrylics will make your nails appear longer.

  • What @MagicInk‌ said.

    Gel is basically just a polish with a bunch of components. So it is the length of your natural nails, you would want acrylics for length. Too late for your wedding but next time get the gel a few weeks before you want your nails long. It helps them from breaking!

  • Thanks ladies! One follow up question- can I use any nail polish on acrylic nails? Therefore if I wanted to use a shellac polish on them or a regular polish I would be able to? Thanks!
  • tammym1001tammym1001 Akron, Ohio member
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    I wouldn't use a shellac polish on acrylics. I don't know if you can, but I know the shellac polish makes your nails seem thicker and the acrylics are already really thick. Regular polish usually lasts a long time on acrylics anyways.
  • thanks for the heads up about the thickness! :)
  • You can do gel full sets, my regular nail place doesn't do acrylic at all, because they don't want the smell in the shop.  I've gotten them a few times now, for special occasions, and they're great.  It's a thick gel, different from the polishes.

    Fair warning: the first layer, and in rare cases in all layers, can get really hot, because you cure it under UV lights.  So it will burn your fingers for a couple secs(just pull your fingers out and then out them back under the light).  I've never had it burn more than the first layer, and the last time i did it, it didn't burn at all, so seems like my hands got used to it.

    Gels last longer than acrylic for me, and they seal the top layer, after the color, with gel, so it stays shiny like regular gel manicures. Acrylics last just as long, but the polish can get dull.

    If you want to do acrylic, don't get the gel polish on top, it peels right off in one layer, i made that mistake once. 

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