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Hi everyone,

I am having a welcome dinner a few days before my resort wedding in Mexico, and I want to play some games so that all of our friends and both sides of our family can get to know each other!

I was wondering if anyone had any interesting game ideas that can get people talking to each other. I want to have prizes for the winners as well!

I have one idea, it's like Bingo, in the squares are descriptions (ie. plays an instrument, has lived in another country, went to X university) and people have to take their Bingo board around and find people who fit those descriptions. Whoever completes their board first wins! 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Games for Welcome Dinner

  • We're bringing Cards Against Humanity. It's hysterically fun!

  • Haha yeah it's a ton of fun! I have that game too. Might look into Apples for Apples for the group and keep Cards Against Humanity for the adults!
  • Not sure how many people will be there but for my bachelorette party we downloaded the charades game on my phone and split up into teams. Talk about hilarious fun. It was great and all the girls got to know each other. Idk if that would be something or not.
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  • Hey!

    I work in the destination wedding industry, and have gotten to interview and to speak to many brides and brides-to-be.

    A Destination Wedding bride told me recently that she organised a 'car game' for her guests - she invited a total of 50 guests, and had them grouped into teams consisting of 5 people. Each team had to drive about to the locations near the venue of their wedding, with the winning team being the first one to visit all the different locations, complete all tasks and return back to the venue!

  • Oh that's super fun! Kind of like a scavenger hunt or Amazing Race type thing.

    We'll be at an all-inclusive resort so we can do that on the property! @weddingballcom thanks so much, I'm totally going to incorporate that.
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    I had a wedding on a cruise ship.  I organized a scavenger hunt for guests on the ship, to be completed by end of first full day at sea, so guests had a fun opportunity to check out the whole ship. I sent them places all over the ship (adult only area, mini golf, show room, dining room, laundry room, guest services, etc) so they would know where all the important things were and had them talking to various people (photo with captain at the meet & greet, talk to room steward, names of people across hall from you, etc). Not everyone participated, but those that did had a really great time with it.  I had them work in groups of two and gave cruise gift cards as prizes (to be put toward their expense account or use at gift shops). I was able to find a lot of scavenger hunt appropriate info online prior to the trip.  Or some of it was more generic, like find a person wearing a Hawaiian print shirt or wearing flip flops with socks. Something like this could definitely be done at an all-inclusive.


  • We didn't do this at our wedding but I did it for my husbands 30th, where many of the guests didn't know each other as there were many different circles of friends.

    When everyone arrived I gave them a piece of paper and a pen with the instructions to write a short funny (or didn't have to be) story or memory about him - how they met, a random embarassing story, etc. (So in this case it would be about either or both of you) then I collected them and put them in a hat. Later in the night, I pulled them out one by one and read them aloud and he had to guess who wrote it. (So maybe your MOH could do this for you) it was great because each little story was naturally elaborated and explained and everyone had a lot of laughs but also got to put the puzzle pieces together of how everyone knew him. A total hit!
  • @nicoann @favouritecake Love those ideas! Thanks so much!
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