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bachelorette party ideas?

Hi all,
I am an old knottie that was married a couple years back. I am looking for some bachelorette party ideas for a friend.
Any fun game ideas that aren't old and overdone?  What are your favorite bachelorette party? I was thinking of either doing a hotel and dinner or a winery tour!

I was thinking about ordering these tanks for the bachelorette party for all the girls...or should i have some made with the bachelorettes name and party date?

Other than my own i haven't been to too many bachelorette parties. What is trendy these days?
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Re: bachelorette party ideas?

  • So what does the bride want to do? What is she into?

    Winery sounds fun - the best bachelorette parties I've done have involved a barcycle tour, a big girls' version of a slumber party, and a box at an MLB game. We went to the Kentucky Derby for mine. Spa days are pretty common too. Just have a chat with a bride about what she thinks is a good time for a night out.

    The tanks - I seriously wouldn't waste your money on these. No one will use them after the day, and some girls will not love wearing them. Buy the bride a sash or something instead if you think that would be her thing or buy everyone a round of drinks. Money much better sent.

    Also, before you run ahead with the plans, be sure to check in with the attendees to get a rough budget estimation from each of them. Getting invoices for bachelorette parties sucks.
  • I love the idea of a wine tour. Other ideas: bar crawl, luncheon, renting a pontoon boat, tubing/floating down a river, painting studio, mani/pedis, bowling, golf....

    Don't do the tank tops. I'm going to a bach in a couple weeks where we are not only being asked to wear matching tank tops that say "Bride's Posse", but we are being asked to pay for them. Worst $10 I will ever spend. Gets a HUGE eye-roll.

  • What does the bride normally do for fun? Do that, but pumped up a bit. And skip the matching tanks.
  • thanks for all the help! the bride isn't really giving me a ton of ideas and its my brothers girlfriend who is a bit younger than me and i don't know that well. We are going with the winery tour!
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  • Oh good! My sister is doing a winery tour in LI for my bachelorrete! Labor Day weekend! She rented a limo and everything. We will be staying at my sisters "aunt in laws" home for the night too!


  • I don't like to play games and I don't want to have to wear any sort of matching top.

    Things that never go out of style: cocktails somewhere swanky, nice dinner out, spas, wineries, or things special to bride (art gallery tour, estate tour, going to an event meaningful to her like a concert/ballet/play/whatever).
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