Pretty Flower Shops in Atlanta??

Hey guys, I am recently engaged and thinking about locations for our engagement photo shoot. I was wondering if you all knew of any pretty flower shops in the Atlanta area that we could do our photo shoot at?? I've been Googling but its hard because a lot of florists don't really have pictures of their own shops. I just think it would be really cute to do part of our photo shoot at a cute little flower shop. 

Here are some ideas of what I'm envisioning:
Found here

Found here

I welcome any suggestions/advice you may have! Thanks!

Re: Pretty Flower Shops in Atlanta??

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    I'm not really aware of any outdoor flower markets in Atlanta to be honest. What about some place like StudioPlex in Inman Park? It's an old warehouse that has been converted in to lofts and has a colorful, industrial feel. Or Grant Park? Lots of green space and beautiful walking trails.

    Downtown Roswell (Canton Street) has a really cool vibe as well. Lots of colorful, old storefronts, very unique and engaging environment. It's really great for a lot of different scenes in your photos.

  • Thanks LaPeanut1018, we are doing half of our shoot at Botanical Gardens since that is where we got engaged, and the other half we are trying to decide. I will take a look at your suggestions! Also I love Roswell, that is where I grew up :) We are probably getting married on Canton Street at Naylor Hall.
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    @skybluesounds My thoughts on Naylor...

    You get married right in the front everyone driving by can see and hear everything.

    They haven't really kept it up, my sister toured it for her wedding and it was kind of dumpy.

    She got some crazy attitudes from the coordinator.

    Comparable venues to Naylor in downtown Roswell:

    Founders Hall - my sister got married here. Phenomenal service, great ceremony space in the back with plenty of parking, they really were outstanding.

    Kimball Hall - I'm getting married here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the owner. Her name is Julie. She is seriously one of the nicest people and I've really enjoyed working with them. I honestly can't recommend her enough.

    Primrose Cottage - two beautiful ceremony spaces. One in the front yard for a larger ceremony (150 people plus) and one in the back for a ceremony with 140 people or less on a gorgeous terrace. They are a really great venue, and I really liked everyone I met at the tour. The only downside is the reception space. Everything is kind of broken up. My sister went to a wedding here recently and said everything about it was great aside from where everything was located. The bar is in one room, the dining area in another, and dancing people neve really congregated to dance.

    The Gardens at Greak Oaks - Multiple ceremony spaces and really great service. A daughter of a family friend got married here a couple years ago and all I heard was wonderful things about this venue. I didn't get a chance to tour it because I decided on Kimball Hall before making any formal arrangements to view Greak Oaks.

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    Thank you for your thoughts @LaPeanut1018. Part of the reason Naylor Hall is my top choice is because you can see it from the street; I grew up driving by that location everyday and seeing weddings there, and it has always been my dream to get married there one day. I love its southern plantation look, and all the pictures I've seen from weddings there are beautiful. Also it was recently renovated apparently, so maybe its not as dumpy anymore, although I don't mind a little character! However we are definitely going to look at all those other venues before we make a final choice. Thanks!
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    No problem! I just wanted to give my POV. My sister was similar to you. Naylor was her #1 choice and she absolutely in her mind was going to get married there (she got married in November last year, so this is recent too) and she was so disappointed in her experience. All of the places I listed are also visible from the street. Founders Hall is on Canton Street as well but closer to the main downtown strip. The other three are all off of Magnolia.

  • Founder's Hall is literally a 2 minute walk from Naylor. My FI and I toured both in one day since they were so close. Naylor just was not our style (love the plantation look, but didn't like the redesign of the inside too modern for that house for us), and you have to pay for things like linen, silver, etc. whereas Founder's Hall its included.
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    @skybluesounds -Hey! I'm the one that got married in Founders Hall in November and it looks great outside but on the inside I felt like it smelled kind of moldy and the coordinator didn't seem to answer my questions all together. She would just kind of answer them in a way that wouldn't necessarily satisfy my answers. For example, I was worried about traffic and people seeing our whole ceremony from the street on a Saturday evening and she mentioned that the trees would still be in full the end of November no not really. Then I had a rather large guest list that I found out they couldn't accommodate so she recommended seating them outside on the pavement and they would go in and out of the door in the reception hall that was an "Exit" door. I didn't really want to have that door open on a cold November night and have my guests outside in the cold weather. 

    All in all it wasn't the venue for us. It's very pretty and if you're having a smaller-medium sized wedding that will be outside of the Late fall winter months then I recommend giving it a go after they have cleaned the inside up a bit but other than that I don't think so. 
  • Wow so much venue advice! This isn't really an area I'm concerned about but I appreciate the willingness to share and give advice.

    @LaPeanut1018 Definitely planning on checking out all those places, don't worry! I have not made any final decisions yet, and I will keep your advice in mind.

    @Knottie21266665That's something to keep in mind, thanks!

    @Southernpeach89 Aw I'm sorry you weren't happy with your wedding experience, that has to be disappointing. I am thinking late summer/early fall so hopefully it won't be too cold. Thanks for sharing!
  • @skybluesounds -Oh no! I was very very very happy with my wedding experience. Founders Hall was absolutely perfect. I just didn't like Naylor Hall when we visited and I wouldn't recommend.
  • Faith Flowers is a wedding and event florist that also has a really cute working flower shop in the Highlands. 

    Also, I just went to a wedding at Naylor in March and it was lovely. They had lawn games in the yard out front and it was so fun! The bathroom was a bit cheap and cobbled together looking but I don't think that's much of an issue. 
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